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Rick Ross gifted $100k+  Worth of Jewelry in honor of his new partnership with High Tolerance!  

Rick Ross made quite an impression online announcing his new partnership with High Tolerance, and he was rewarded for his loyalty with an extravagant gifts. High Tolerance CEO Manny presented the rapper with a set of luxurious jewels worth over $100k. The jewelry set, designed by Mazza New York, includes a chain, a pendant, and a ring. The chain features over 19 diamond carats and retails for $40k, while the pendant, made of 14k rose gold, costs over $30k. The most intricate piece in the collection, the ring, boasts over 22 carats of VS1 and f-colored diamonds and 14k

gold, with a retail value of over $60k.

Rick Ross and High Tolerance are business partners and will be releasing their own THC brand, “Collins AVE” this summer. TMZ Hip Hop reported that Ross joined forces with High Tolerance in March to help introduce their new product to the market. 

The lavish gift is a testament to the success of Rick Ross’s partnership with High Tolerance. The extravagant present represents the growth of their business venture and is a symbol of appreciation for Ross’s efforts. It is an indication of the incredible things that are yet to come from their collaboration and a sign of their prosperous future. 

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