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From Plumbing to the Presidency, 2024 Republican Candidate Barak ZIlberberg Asks $1 to Support a New and Improved America 


While some say the idea of the American Dream is gone, others are busy demonstrating how it’s alive and well. Barak Zilberberg is one of those people. A successful serial entrepreneur, he is poised to leap from the plumbing industry to the American Presidency. One of his missions is to ensure that the American Dream is alive and available to everyone, regardless of their social status, background, ethnicity, etc.

“I know achieving the American Dream is possible because I’m living proof of it,” explains Barak Zilberberg. “Believe me, if I can do it, so can others. It comes down to having strong core values and being a hard worker who doesn’t quit.”

Zilberberg is a self-made entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, husband and father.He was born in Los Angeles to immigrant parents, and moved to Las Vegas 14 years ago, where he built a successful plumbing business and real estate investment business. As a young adult he later became the president of Ultimate Plumbing, Southern California’s largest copper re-piping company.  Simultaneously, at age 21 he started obtaining properties, essentially beginning his career in real estate. He quickly built a vast and diverse empire, ranging from luxury residential properties to commercial developments. 

Despite his immense success, Zilberberg remains grounded and committed to giving back to his community. He created an organization that helps those who are homeless, as well as families who are caring for children who have disabilities. He has been building a great resume and proving that success in the country is possible, and recently he announced his bid for Presidency in the 2024 election.

Here are some of the critical characteristics he feels someone must have to succeed in business and achieve the American Dream:

  • Be relatable. This will help more people want to do business with you and want to see you succeed. Building relationships with people has much to do with a business’s success. 
  • Establish trust. Trustworthy people will have more doors open and be able to sustain success. Without trust, it isn’t easy to succeed at anything long-term.
  • Know the numbers. Pay attention to what the competition does to know what you need to beat. You can only win the competition if you pay attention to what the competition is doing.
  • Be reliable. Reliability is how one establishes trust with their customers. People need to know you will do what you say you will do and have integrity.
  • Have resiliency. Resiliency is what will get you through difficult times. Every business has setbacks, so it’s essential to be resilient.
  • Remain optimistic. Being optimistic is going to help you succeed, as well as enjoy the journey more along the way.

“There is no question that being a hard worker and having integrity in this country will take you places,” added Zilberberg. “Not only do I want people to realize that this is still possible in this country, but I want to ensure everyone has an equal chance at achieving it.”

Zilberberg earned recognition in the 40th Annual Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest people in America in the October/November 2021 issue. The following year, he ran for governor of Nevada. While he didn’t win, he did gain a following of people who support his mission. He believes that a thriving economy is essential and that everything must be done to support small businesses, entrepreneurs, and the hardworking families of America. He brings a wealth of real world experience, passion, with an open-minded approach to the campaign trail. 

For his campaign, he’s asking everyone to donate $1 to support the vision and show the power of the dollar. He chose to not be backed by corporations or lobbyists. Instead, he is funding his campaign with the help of the people he will represent.

Zilberberg brings fresh perspectives and bold new ideas with his candidacy, which he believes will help Americans come together and get ahead. He supports the LGBTQ community, thinks the country should be pro-choice, and would push to legalize cannabis federally.He also plans to secure the borders, strengthen national security, invest in infrastructure, support small businesses, improve access to quality education, enhance teacher salaries, and improve our relationships with allies worldwide.

To donate $1 for a new and improved America and support Barak Zilberberg’s efforts visit his website or follow him on Instagram @BarakZilberberg.


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