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Two Lands, LLC and LULU Market Unite to Revolutionize Digital Economy through a Groundbreaking Blockchain Partnership

[RIDGEFIELD, Conn., June 18, 2023] — Two Lands, LLC., an Ethereum based company dedicated to funding ancient archeology around the world, and LULU Games, the creator of LULU Market, a community-driven Web 3.0 game and blockchain ecosystem, are pleased to announce their collaborative partnership in an effort to revolutionize the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and further bridge the gap between blockchain gaming and the real world.

This collaboration aims to create a frictionless synergy between the two companies’ products, both digital and analog, by leveraging their respective platforms and in-house products into an intuitive experience for NFT enthusiasts, collectors and gamers alike. By strategically employing their respective teams’ expertise and resources the two sides will introduce innovative crossover features, enabling utilization of their collaboration NFTs on multiple platforms and significantly enhancing the footprint of both enterprises.

As the world embraces the power of blockchain technology and the growing adoption of Web3, Two Lands and LULU Market recognize the immense potential for integrating digital currencies into real world products. And with both entities currently pursuing and actualizing on several of these products, this unique partnership positions these progressive teams at the forefront of the digital revolution currently underway.

Coming off the heels of Two Lands groundbreaking partnership with TCG World Metaverse earlier this week, the opportunities are endless for both sides and promise to reimagine the idea of cross-compatibility of NFTs between gaming ecosystems. This will create an exciting new latitude for utilization, while also allowing users to enjoy the benefits of a gaming experience across multiple platforms with varied rewards & points of entry. This focus serves to underscore the importance of providing multiple avenues by which new users may integrate with products.

With over a 60% retention rate amongst users, LULU Market has dominated in a space where few continue to thrive in the current bear market cycle. Due in large part to their exceedingly strong community and their ability to pair GameFi with real world utilities, their flagship gaming product, LULU Market, enables their community to redeem in-game assets for real physical goods at a scale that few others have been successful replicating.

Zach and I felt an immediate harmony from the moment we met them,” said Jared Vergilis, CEO & Cofounder of Two Lands. “ This collaboration is a direct reflection of our desire to partner with other pioneers in the Web 3.0 space, learning and growing together while we push the limits of what’s possible.”

With further details and updates to be shared with the public in lock-step with development, the collaboration between Two Lands Token and LULU Market is set to launch in the coming months. To best keep your ear to the ground about these two exciting teams and any important news, please join their communities on social media and follow the progress.    

About Two Lands Token:

Two Lands, LLC is dedicated to funding and raising awareness for ancient archaeological research, expeditions, and development around the world to inspire the inner explorer in us all.

For more information, click here: Two Lands

About LULU Market:

LULU Market (LUCK) is a community-driven, fair-launched Web 3.0 game, that aims to build a healthy and sustainable blockchain application. It supports our natural economies by bridging the metaverse and the real world. Through play-to-earn gaming and NFT minting in LULU Market, players can participate in DAO governance, stake to earn dividends, and get real goods from LULU Market.

For more information, click here:  LULU Market

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