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What does it take to be a top producing real estate broker today? 

Not all real estate agents are created equal. With thousands to choose from, the question for a client becomes, what qualifications make the best agent to work with, and what sets some apart from others?

The answer is clear when it comes to Alexander Boriskin and Michael Lorber. These seasoned brokers are a prime example of excellence and results, and remain at the top of their game with their unparalleled experience and work ethic. Alexander and Michael joined together to establish the highly successful Michael Lorber Team, to provide the ultimate level of service to their clients. With offices in New York City and Bridgehampton, the team has gone on to sell over $1.5 billion worth of real estate to date, and forge exceptional relationships with their clients and peers along the way.

How did they achieve such an accomplished business and reputation? For starters, both partners work 24/7. Whether it be during dinner or their travels, they are literally glued to their phones to answer calls, texts and emails. While work should certainly not consume anyone every moment of every day, these dedicated professionals will drop whatever it is they are doing when duty calls, because their clients and closing deals are that important.

Another thing, Alexander and Michael are always out there. You can find them at the hottest spots in Manhattan, the Hamptons, Palm Beach, the Bahamas, Aspen, California, London, the list goes on and on. You may think they are frequenting all these places looking for leads, but that’s simply not the case. After so many years working in real estate, and with their success built on repeat and referrals clients, the business comes to them.

“We never push our services onto anyone, yet at the same time, we’re always happy to answer real estate questions and give advice.” These conversations often turn into business, sometimes months or years later, but the common thread is that the people who call them and become clients never feel like they were being ‘sold,’ and that is greatly appreciated.

“Socializing is something both of us love to do so it never feels like work,” says Alexander. “When agents ask us for advice on how to grow their network, I tell them, you have to get out there. The more people you meet the more business you will do. But don’t act like a salesperson. You’re offering a service that is very much valued, as you’re helping someone sell or purchase a property. They want to speak to you because they want a good advisor, one who will get them the most money for their property when selling, or the best deal for their purchase. What’s more, knowledge is king, so you should know the business inside out. Many times it’s not just about the price; it’s also about getting the deal over the finish line. If you drop the ball on a board package, recommend a bad attorney, make a mistake on price, etc. any of these factors could kill the transaction.”

Is that all it takes to be on top? Definitely not. Alexander and Michael are master marketers as well. They are extremely active on social media, which some people argue can’t be proven to make a sale. But they disagree. Their long list of transactions can be credited to just that. The partners additionally collaborate with the industry’s leading photographers and videographers, create genius marketing campaigns, and even in this digital world, continue to invest in print marketing.

Clearly their days are long, but with over a billion and a half dollars in sales, they sure aren’t wasting their time. There is no cookie-cutter approach to real estate, they believe. Hard work, creativity, tenacity, and a personalized approach win the race every time.

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