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The Future of Email: How Spike’s Conversational Interface Revolutionizes Workplace Communication

Email is a ubiquitous tool in the workplace. It has been around for decades, helping us connect better within and outside our organizations. Because of it, we get to communicate with people that we know or that we are yet to know; we get to interact with other organizations; and we get to connect with people on the other side of the world.

However, with email also comes its fair share of frustration and overwhelm because the usefulness of email can also become its pitfall. Most people receive a large volume of emails every day, and it can be extremely time-consuming to manage. The volume itself makes it difficult for people to keep track of important emails, respond to them promptly, and keep their inboxes organized. This confirms what HubSpot recently shared where 40% of people have at least 50 unread emails in their inbox.

More than this, inboxes can quickly become cluttered with spam, marketing messages, and other types of unwanted emails. Seeing them and having to sort through them can be distracting, and even more so because they tend to spend an average of 10 seconds reading brand emails, according to Statista. And this can be even more confusing if people receive repetitive emails, which can also lead to miscommunication.

But what puts most of the mental load on people when it comes to managing their email is that it can be difficult to understand the full picture of an important message because it lacks context. What happens if one is not CC’d in an email that they were supposed to receive? Or what if they didn’t understand the message the sender was trying to say?

This is why a need for more conversational interfaces has risen—and this is led by Spike.

A Conversational Email Interface

Spike combines the power of email with the simplicity of chat, which makes emails much easier to navigate for people who have multiple emails to keep track of. Because it values collaboration, Spike has created an email platform that lets people communicate with others without the burden of formalities expected in an email thread.

Solving the problem of email clutter, the platform transforms emails into a real-time chat that is much easier to read and has fewer chances for people to miscommunicate. But what makes Spike effective is its Intelligent Priority Inbox, which removes a lot of unnecessary distractions and keeps people organized and focused.

Its ever-growing list of innovations adds more value to Spike’s platform, making it an all-in-one email management solution. Recently, it has created new features, including video meetings that help start or join a meeting without having to leave the app and voice messages that allow people to record and share a voice message right from an email, group chat, or note.

These are just a few of Spike’s features since it can still help you maximize your conversations through group chats, online notes, tasks and to-do lists, super search, file management, and even a calendar. Ultimately, this is an easy way to make emails more powerful while simplifying workflows.

Optimizing Online Communication

It’s not unusual that a company is now investing in major improvements to how people manage and work on their email. At a time when an average person sends and receives 121 emails a day, based on Campaign Monitor’s data, it’s not surprising that people are wanting to optimize emails for more support in their productivity.

Whether it’s finding a way to improve internal communication through email conversations or optimizing team collaboration through group chats, video meetings, or voice messages, Spike is getting ahead of the game in maximizing teams’ productivity.

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