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Maurice Bachelor on Building Bot-It and the Rise of Black Software Entrepreneurs in Tech: Defying the Odds!

In a world that often feels overwhelming, everyone loves a story of triumph and grit. Maurice Bachelor, founder and CEO of Bot-It has just that kind of story. While his automation platform has been making waves in the tech industry, it’s his tale of perseverance and positivity that truly sets him apart.

Growing up in Ohio, Bachelor did not have many black role models in the tech industry who looked like him. He was amazed by computers from a young age, but it wasn’t until he went to college that he realized he could turn that fascination into a career. Bachelor studied computer engineering at Cleveland State University, where he discovered his passion for coding and building software products.

In 2013, Bachelor founded his first company, SnapBatch, which was acquired by various professional sports teams. He then went on to work for CREXi, Flo Technology and, LegalZoom, where he played a crucial role in building their businesses to where they are today.

However, Bachelor’s life drastically changed when he was involved in a serious car accident. He was unconscious for days and had to undergo multiple surgeries. Doctors told him that his injuries could have been fatal, and he was unsure if he could ever walk again, let alone code.

Despite all of this, Bachelor did not give up. While recovering in the hospital, he began building software on his laptop. He realized this was what he was meant to do and was even more determined to continue pursuing his passion.

Sure enough, Bachelor’s resilience paid off. In December 2019, he founded Bot-It, an automation platform that allows anyone to build their own bot with no technical skills required. Since its launch, Bot-It has doubled in paid subscriptions each month and partnered with one of Turkey’s largest shipping logistics companies. 

The forward-looking entrepreneur’s hard work and dedication has also led to notable accomplishments, including being the #1 “golf tee time bot” search on Google and successfully booking over 15,000 appointments and counting.

Bachelor’s message is clear: you can overcome anything, no matter how impossible it may seem. He wants to inspire others to pursue their passions and not let roadblocks stand in their way. Bachelor’s personal story is a testament to this, and he hopes to continue sharing it through podcasts, conferences, and other outlets.

As for the future, the innovative Bachelor sees Bot-It continuing to grow and help businesses and consumers worldwide. He wants to provide an easy-to-use, affordable, and powerful tool to help small companies automate their everyday processes. Bachelor’s vision for Bot-It is to give people hope while empowering them to achieve their goals.

Maurice Bachelor’s story is one of perseverance, determination, and success. As a young black man, he has defied the odds to become a successful tech entrepreneur and a role model for others in the industry. His story reminds us that success is always possible and that people should pursue their passions and try to achieve their goals, no matter their obstacles.

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