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Rosalyn Kahn wins LA Business Journal’s Nonprofit Citizenship Award

Rosalyn Kahn, a communications instructor and show host who devoted her time in the last year highlighting businesses and events in the Los Angeles community, was recently bestowed with the distinguished LA Business Journal Award for Nonprofit Citizenship. While the recognition was undoubtedly a proud moment for Kahn, it also allowed her to reflect on the journey that led her to this commendable achievement.

A little over a year ago, Kahn embarked on a new adventure as the host of her own network television show, “Living Your Best Life with Rosalyn Kahn,” which quickly climbed the ranks to become the 14th most-watched show in the Los Angeles market. With her extensive background as a communications instructor, humanitarian, author, and speaking coach, Kahn utilized her varied skill set to interview a diverse array of individuals who have made noteworthy contributions to society through their work in the arts, community service, and entrepreneurship.

Throughout this journey, Kahn’s commitment to personal growth remained steadfast, as she not only honed her interview skills but also expanded her knowledge in business management, team collaboration, film editing, writing, and social media marketing. The experience proved to be a profound and rewarding one, leading Kahn to express her gratitude for the award as a testament to a year filled with invaluable lessons, cherished friendships, and unwavering devotion to giving back to her community.

For Kahn, the award represents more than just a symbolic achievement. Her passion for working with nonprofits, serving her community, and positively impacting the world has been a constant source of joy and fulfillment throughout her life, reminding us of the immeasurable value in purposeful actions that benefit others. While awards undoubtedly add prestige and recognition to one’s career, Kahn’s inspiring journey reminds us that the true reward lies in the path one takes to get there.

Credits to contributor: Annamarie Buonocore

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