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CEO Summit: Powerteam International Brings Together Experts and CEOs for Business Success

LOS ANGELES, April 27, 2023 — CEOs from across the country and of all business sizes gathered at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott for the half-day Powerteam International CEO Summit. 

The event was organized by Powerteam International CEO Bill Walsh, a top business coach known for his ability to help entrepreneurs achieve breakthrough results, in collaboration with an impressive list of speakers, including legendary sports agent Leigh Steinberg, CEO of the LA Tribune Moe Rock, top media specialist Lori McNeil, digital marketing specialist Anna Macko, tax mitigation expert Sterling Louviere, and asset protection specialist John Kekel. 

CEO Summit Speaker Panels discussed topics and gave tips from their respective areas of expertise as facilitated by event host and organizer, Bill Walsh, CEO of Powerteam International.

The CEO Summit was an intensive training that helped entrepreneurs accelerate their business knowledge, learn practical lessons and wisdom from successful entrepreneurs, and gain cutting-edge strategies to avoid the most common mistakes in business.

Participants gained the latest and rarely-known strategies from these experts in topics ranging from business growth and social media to leadership, public speaking, mobile marketing, personal development, grants, and more.

In recognition of the contribution of the exceptional leaders in the business space as nominated by Powerteam International who use their voice to uplift, inspire and educate others, The Los Angeles Tribune presented Leadership Awards to Leigh Steinberg, Don Ahern, John Kekel, Lori Mc Neil, Anna Macko, Sterling Louviere, Christopher Cates, Paul Rubio and Michael Graziano.

The Los Angeles Tribune, a national media brand dedicated to recognizing leaders who give back to their communities around the globe hand awards, as represented by LA Tribune CEO Moe Rock, Senior Editor Ava Manuel, and Client Manager Valeary Hernandez. to some exceptional leaders: (Counterclockwise from left) Leigh Steinberg, Mindful Agency Co-founder Michael Graziano, International Media, Marketing and Branding Expert Lori Mc Neal, Wealth and Legacy Consultant Christopher Cates, and the Financial Advisor of the Year recipient as nominated by Bill Walsh, President of Financial Architects, Inc in Southern California Sterling Louviere (top center).

From CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to small business owners, participants learned useful and tactical strategies from proven methods to create and protect enormous wealth to receiving a clear focus and a step-by-step system to help them achieve financial independence within 12 months or less.

Participants also had the opportunity to network and make collaborative connections with other business owners who could propel their businesses forward, learned specific insights to build successful businesses, and left with a clear path to creating massive success in their respective fields. 

The CEO Summit was a massive success! It is worth noting that Leigh Steinberg, the legendary sports agent, took the stage at this event on NFL draft day, while Moe Rock, CEO of LA Tribune, shared his insights on stage on his birthday. Their presence was a true testament to the power of investing in meaningful connections and relationships in business. A business acumen that Powerteam International CEO Bill Walsh leads and demonstrates among the 300+ events he conducts around the globe in 1 year.

CEO Summit Host Bill Walsh interviews Legendary Sports Agent Leigh Steinberg, The Los Angeles Tribune CEO Moe Rock and Owner of Ahern Hotel and Events Center Las Vegas Don Ahern. (Counterclockwise from Left) President of Kekel Consulting, LLC John Kekel giving a cutting-edge keynote lecture on asset protection (top right).
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