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Rentado: The Rental App That Puts the Power Back in the Hands of Renters and Landlords

When it comes to renting, renters and landlords face numerous challenges, including communication barriers, scattered payment systems, and maintenance issues. Justin Morgan, the founder and CEO of Rentado, decided to address these challenges by centralizing the entire approach to property management while utilizing technology, resulting in a cost-effective solution that helps renters and property managers.

Justin developed his vision for the platform based on his experience as a renter for over a decade. Through his journey, he witnessed the challenges renters and landlords faced when navigating the rental process. Specifically, the need for a unified and simplified rental system posed a significant hurdle, causing confusion and frustration and resulting in negative rental experiences for renters and property managers.

With Rentado, renters and landlords can easily access a robust SaaS platform that empowers them to manage their rental journey. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to all sizes of renters and landlords, with a focus on putting the power back in their hands.

“When it comes to long-term rentals, people usually draw a blank after thinking of Airbnb. But I believe that with millions of people renting worldwide, what’s needed is an application that is not only familiar but also trusted and enjoyable to use. And that’s exactly what Rentado can offer.” says Justin.

Unlike other rental tools, Rentado emphasizes the tenant’s experience and the property’s features. Their centralized approach to renting has made it easier for landlords and renters to manage their properties together. Through the platform, community management, secure communication and payment are streamlined into one core application making the overall experience for users practical.

By offering a plethora of features, Rentado streamlines renters’ lives by allowing them to pay rent through Stripe, split rent in shared households, create requests, track progress, and communicate within the app. The platform’s built-in notifications for events like street sweeping and trash day add to its convenience, making it a comprehensive solution for renters.

Rentado differentiates itself from its competitors by enhancing its users’ renting and management experience. In addition to offering cost-effective solutions, the company provides a white labelling option for larger clients to customize the platform according to their branding needs. This amplifies the platform’s adaptability and burstiness, making it stand out.

The company has also made significant strides in the real estate industry with its unique and disruptive concept, which has earned them the recognition and support of Google for Startups. This achievement alone highlights their rapid growth and immense potential in the market. With this valuable opportunity, Rentado envisions scaling its platform and offering more comprehensive solutions for property managers and homeowners associations. 

To enhance the service experience for landlords and tenants, the company has collaborated with local companies, such as First Team Real Estate. They are also keen on seeking partnerships with California real estate agents to expand their reach and impact.

Justin and his team at Rentado’s long-term goal are to standardize the rental management process and bring a streamlined approach to the industry. With this mission, they are poised to become an industry leader and revolutionize their users’ renting and management experience. As Rentado continues to expand and innovate, it will remain a company worth closely following.

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