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From Nothing to Financial Freedom. the Story of Jason Lee

Jason began his career in real estate with a $0 starting salary and less than $500 to his name. Despite this hurdle, he persevered through cold calling and closed five deals by the end of his senior year at college. After graduation, he closed seven more deals totaling $160k in net commissions.

Now managing agents and helping his investors, Jason coaches people on how to get started in real estate through his course and podcast. His success has enabled him to give back to those in need and spend quality time with those he loves.

When asked what success meant to him, Jason said it was more than money. “Success is being able to support the people I love and having the time to spend with them,” he said. “It’s also about giving back to people who are less fortunate than myself and helping lift them up as well.”

Jason’s goal now is to use his social media and podcasting platform to reach more people looking for financial freedom from the system. He works hard every day to make an impact on those around him – 12-14 hours a day, according to him.

Jason is frank when asked how he differentiates himself from the competition: “No one will outwork me. I put my client’s interests above my own, actively showing them that I care about their investment.” His ambition and drive have made him successful and separate him from his peers who go home at 1 pm on Fridays while Jason is still at the office.

In the end, financial freedom means regaining control of your life – choosing how you want to spend your time and making an impact in this world without having to worry about money. For those looking for guidance on how to get started in real estate, Jason’s story proves that it is achievable even in the toughest of times. Success can be within reach with dedication, hard work, and perseverance.

For the latest updates on Jason Lee and his projects, follow him on Instagram (@jasonjosephlee) and TikTok (@jasonjosephlee), or visit his website

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