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A Look into Jet van Wijk’s Approach to Digital Marketing

COVID unlocked a myriad of opportunities in the digital space. With businesses and consumers moving online, there are various ways to earn money online today, from affiliate marketing to establishing an online store, offering freelance services like writing, editing, graphic design, and monetizing your content and community. But not many people have been able to take advantage of the growing social media numbers and the digital space. Technology is advancing at a fast pace, as is the online world, and for many people, it is hard to stay ahead of the trends. Renowned digital marketing expert Jet van Wijk now provides a solution. Through her approach, Jet helps brands and personalities remain on top of digital marketing trends. 

Jet is an entrepreneur and business coach. She has been in digital marketing and the online space for eight years, working as an influencer before she left to start her digital marketing agency and coaching program, Laptop Lifestyle Master Program. Through her digital marketing agency and Laptop Lifestyle Master Program, she helps entrepreneurs create businesses that are 100% online and establish their brands as authorities.  

The Laptop Lifestyle Master Program also teaches people how to land high-paying clients as a freelancer without burning themselves and other valuable tips that will help them dominate in the online world. According to Jet, many people have yet to find their way in the digital space because what is available, especially in schools, is so different from the “real” world.

“The digital world has changed, and so have the strategies. But books have not incorporated these changes. This means that what is available in books will most likely not help you. When you get out, you will have to start from zero, which is stopping many from succeeding in the online space,” says Jet. “I have had students in my program who have a master’s in marketing but don’t know how to acquire clients or anything around recent marketing strategies.”

Jet has used this concept in her strategies. She is helping her students get their hands on up-to-date learning materials that will help them win. She believes one of the best ways forward is to revise learning materials as the digital space evolves. Unless this change is made, people will have to find ways to learn digital marketing after school to remain competitive.

By helping entrepreneurs leverage social media and the latest trends to capitalize on new opportunities and grow their reach, Jet and her team use this to develop the best strategies to reach the target audience and increase ROI.

Jet says one of her goals is to make the transition into the digital space easier and help people learn how to use technology to escape 9–5. Her true passion is public speaking and creating content. “The digital world has a lot to offer everyone from business owners to students. There are so many ways to make money and even grow your business without spending too much on marketing,” says Jet van Wijk. The biggest obstacle is that many people don’t know this, and the information is outdated.

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