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Sarah Jones – Paying tribute to the fallen journalists in history

It goes without saying that journalism lights up the world. It exposes injustices, clarifies murky situations, and gives voice to the voiceless. When done right, journalism empowers and charms people, changes their minds, and promises a more fair world. Journalists face challenging situations during their careers for these and many other reasons. They are attacked, prisoned, slandered, or live in countries where mainstream media is hijacked by the powerful to shape and control public opinion through misinformation and propaganda. While reporting and bringing the factful reports to the table, journalists’ life is put at stake, especially in a war-like situation. 

The history of journalism speaks a story where many journalists faced harsh repercussions for telling the truth. Yet journalists continue to risk their lives and set examples for the forthcoming generation. With all these risks involved, journalism is a difficult profession; those who immerse in this profession devote their life to finding the truth. 

Journalists expand their view of the world by sharpening their hard work every day. Usually, high-quality journalists have extensive sources and a clear understanding of subjects and storytelling ability. For their relentless efforts, many organizations have been doing astounding work to remember the contributions of the fallen journalists and pay tribute. Sarah Jones, an Emmy award-winning journalist, envisioned gathering people on World Press Freedom Day, where global citizens and members of the news media community around the world gather in a moment of silence to remember the journalists who lost their lives while bearing witness.

Since journalism is a noble profession and acts as a light, the world darkens when the voice of the journalists are crushed. Jones founded the Annual International Moment of Silence, an online event to memorialize the deceased journalist, in co-partnership with The United Nations Plus Social Good, Committee to Protect Journalists, The Frontline Club, The National Press Club, Muck Rack, International Association of Press Clubs, James W. Foley Legacy Foundation, Knight Foundation, and Reddit. 

As a journalist, it becomes an utmost necessity to be a microphone not only for people in the office but for those without enough attention from the mainstream media. In a career spanning 15 years, Jones has played a pivotal role in the news media industry, raising the never-heard voices of people who are often overlooked. She has been very critical of the mainstream media and often covers stories that mainstream media usually does not put much focus on. Her passion for bringing underreported news to the attention of mainstream media urged her to launch a program called “Seen and Heard,” for which she received substantial support from many people and raised $8,000 through in less than two months. 

Jones covers both foreign and domestic news. She talked with a social entrepreneur in Juba, South Sudan, in 2018 while on a reporting fellowship with the International Women’s Media Foundation. She highlighted Emmanuel Lobijo, who used bitcoin to feed hundreds of children in his community and IDP camps. 

Jones is a diligent and focused journalist who continuously seeks new perspectives on each subject and how best to present them to the public. She has a substantial talent for storytelling that focuses on memorable visuals, attention-grabbing words, and the ability to tie them together so that viewers are drawn into the story.

In addition to being a journalist, Jones has also written a book named “A Kids Book About War,” in which she casts a larger light on how to have a simple dialogue about war with children. Jones has offered her wealth of knowledge to help youngsters understand the problem of war in an age-appropriate and non-threatening manner.

Jones is an award-winning photojournalist who has spent most of her career in journalism on television. She is one of the top forty female artificial intelligence social media influencers.

A committee of industry professionals selected her as Best Journalist in Social Media at the Sixth Annual Shorty Awards held at New York Times Center. Jones has received two International Reporting Project (IRP) Fellowships and is an International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) Fellow.

In short, Sarah Jones understands the role of her profession and recognizes the efforts made by the previous generations of journalists. To spread the presence of legacy which deceased journalists have left behind, as a journalist, she pays homage to the fallen journalists in history. 

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