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MineOS’ Road to Reinvention: The Operating System of Privacy, Compliance, and Governance

Mine PrivacyOps has recently announced its rebranding as MineOS, which comes with a new logo and an update to the company’s corporate vision. The company has established itself as a market leader in data privacy and governance, having experienced over 300% year-to-date growth, with hundreds of customers in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States.

The company’s growth reflects the significance of data privacy to large and small businesses in establishing trusted relationships with customers through no-code, automated product experiences powered by contextual artificial intelligence that generates actionable business insights, leading to successful data privacy programs.

Behind MineOS’ Rebranding Journey

The MineOS name is a reflection of the company’s commitment to simplicity and highly differentiated experiences. The OS stands for Operating System, which helps capture the breadth of the software’s capabilities.

This name change reflects the company’s commitment to its mission of being the operating system for privacy, compliance, and governance.

This rebranding is the result of the company’s evolution in building consumer privacy products and embracing the rapid evolution of data privacy and governance through simplicity and cutting-edge technologies.

The company’s experience and growth has made its co-founder, Gal Golan, Gal Ringel, and Kobi Nissan realize that they have left their digital fingerprints on the industry–helping to shape and nudge it towards more inclusive and expansive data rights.

As the company spoke to more and more privacy professionals within the data privacy and governance community, they began to realize that what they had built goes beyond what the PrivacyOps moniker signified.

The co-founders strongly felt that what they have built is a complete, people-centric data privacy and governance solution for the enterprise. The company’s commitment to intuitiveness and a highly differentiated experience is reflected in its name and logo. The logo subtly captures the notion of the Mine spirit, known for helping consumers control and minimize their digital footprint, and reflects the expanded vision.

The Birth of MineOS Radar

One of the latest product releases from MineOS is MineOS Radar, which provides continuous data inventory discovery. This new and improved capability helps companies keep track of their data and ensure that it is being used and stored appropriately. With MineOS Radar, companies can quickly identify any data privacy risks and take appropriate action.

Smart Data Sampling is another capability included in the latest product release. This capability allows for fast and efficient data classification. The ability to classify data efficiently is essential for data privacy and governance programs to be successful. Teammate Feedback is another capability included in the latest product release. This capability helps with documentation, collaboration, and decision-making.

Ultimately, it aims to support system administrators in proactively identifying and resolving issues before they cause significant problems. It also provides insights into server usage patterns, which can help organizations optimize their resources and reduce costs. With MineOS Radar, organizations can ensure that their servers are running smoothly and efficiently, allowing them to focus on their core business operations.

Staying True to MineOS’ Values

MineOS is committed to staying true to its values of simplicity, cutting-edge technologies, and people-centric data privacy and governance solutions. The company goes beyond in delivering an exceptional customer experience.

MineOS supports clients in creating and delivering fully streamlined, purposeful, data-driven privacy programs in less than a month. Their proprietary approach reduces the time-to-implementation by 80% over traditional approaches. The company’s innovative AI-powered product experience generates actionable business insights and leads to successful data privacy programs.

With its goal of expanding its reach through its channel partners program targeting large agencies and integrators, it looks toward delivering mutually-beneficial collaboration and helping more companies achieve successful data privacy programs.

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