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From one man show to multimillion-dollar empire

Success stories often begin with a glimmer of hope – a daring aspiration that sparks a fire within us. But it takes more than just hope to turn dreams into reality. 

In fact, today’s road to success involves a new level of hard work, unwavering resilience and the constant pursuit of your goal.

From humble beginnings as a young Brazilian expat with little to his name, Pedro Williams’ two-decade journey is dotted with examples of how these fundamental beliefs pave the way for an extraordinary journey of transformation.

What began as the dream of a young boy, Pedro’s seemingly simple goal to own a luxury BMW was born as a teenager – the ultimate symbol of luxury and success.

Arriving to Australia with only $1,000 in his pocket, Pedro saw Down Under as a place of prosperity, freedom and growth. 

It was with a burning desire to succeed that Pedro quickly became fluent in English and was soon overseeing employee development for one of the world’s largest luxury hotel chains. 

Swiftly climbing the ranks, his management skills became refined. Now, with a solid foundation in management and the ability to develop teams of people, the fruition of Pedro’s determination began to show. 

Needless to say, for Pedro, luxury cars come before the hotel industry, so his first hustle selling preowned European cars was launched. 

Targeted at an untapped market and putting up to 18 hours per day in the books, Pedro oversaw every business element, from sourcing vehicles to advertising, managing leads and even detailing.  

Over time and with backed by sheer motivation, Pedro’s small business grew. In fact, for six consecutive years, Pedro doubled the size the businesses turnover.

Today, Pedro’s business, Halo Motors, services both entry level luxury car buyers and elite car collectors seeking some of the most sought-after vehicles on the market. 

From Ferrari to Lamborghinis, McLarens, Bentleys and Rolls-Royces, today, Halo hosts seven businesses under its umbrella with 25 employees, two multi-brand dealerships, and turning over 1,000 cars and eight digits annually.

With the hard work far from done, Pedro’s journey so far has taught him that dreams can be turned into reality when they’re backed by relentless work ethic, unbreakable spirit and a never-say-die attitude. 

Pedro says that entrepreneurship demands long hours, dedication and passion, and says that anyone seeking to venture into the business world should be prepared to live a life that is integrated with their work – at least in the early days. 

“For entrepreneurs starting out, I can’t emphasise enough the importance of creating an owner’s culture, where people take ownership of their work and think long-term,” he said. 

“Along with that, in a saturated market like todays, you must offer superior value and follow through, while also being your biggest brand ambassador.”

The goals don’t stop here for Pedro. 

Looking ahead, he has exciting plans to nationalise Halo Motors through franchising and become the biggest prestige automotive dealership in Australia. 

He also wants to create a social impact through while simultaneously pitching towards that nine-digit annual revenue. 

“If I can do it, anyone can do it,” Pedro said. 

“And if you’re not making mistakes, it means you’re not trying hard enough.”

Pedro’s journey inspires us to chase our dreams relentlessly and never give up on our aspirations, no matter how difficult the road ahead may seem.

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