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The Best Billboards on the Sunset Strip

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If you don’t know what the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles is, it’s time to find out. It was once the hottest spot to be in Los Angeles, and it still has thousands of bustling bodies in and out of there each day. It rose to popularity in the 1920s when it became an entertainment haven for celebrities and the people of Hollywood. 

A couple of places that may seem like nothing to you now, such as The Roxy Theatre, The Comedy Store, and Sunset Tower Hotel, were all hotspots that were must-see attractions (and still are). Many of these places are still in use today, renovated and brought to life by the bright lights and smiling faces every night. There’s always something to do on the Sunset Strip, and you may even run into a celebrity while you’re there. 

This area is also known for iconic billboards that have stood the test of time. Companies look at those billboards and say, “I have to top that.” The advertising cost for Los Angeles billboards has fluctuated over the years, but they always seem to be on the higher side. 

While advertising real estate is expensive in LA, that’s no reason not to either try to get your business up there or, at the very least, take a look at some who have done it best. Let’s dive right into our list of the best billboards on the Sunset Strip!


As part of a new exhibition, the MIMA (Moving Image Media Art) program will debut digital billboards at various locations around this area. Kassaram is one of them, a short film that was adapted by Thania Peterson, which means “big mess” in Malay.

The goal of the MIMA is to “foster cultural equity and expand accessibility.” This exhibition started on February 1st of this year and will end on May 31st. Peterson is an artist from South Africa and hopes to address the complexities of identity in her work. 

In this particular piece, she wants to show how structural racism isolates, diminishes, and dehumanizes people. The piece follows a man with a reflection of himself in a bright yellow suit as he’s surrounded by eyes with a black background.

Marlboro Man 

It’s hard to talk about the current Sunset Strip without acknowledging the past. The past billboards are what made this section of LA what it is today, and there are some truly unforgettable billboards that would still be impressive by today’s standards. 

Known as the Marlboro Man in 1994, that iconic 60-foot billboard stood for almost 20 years before being taken down due to the anti-smoking movement in 1999. It featured a cowboy in yellow attire with a cowboy hat on. He held a cigarette in his mouth while holding a lasso in his hands with the word “Marlboro” behind him in bright red. 

It’s said that Apple has a long-term contract for that space now, but it costs thousands of dollars every month. Los Angeles billboards are expensive, and that’s why you have to make them count. 

The Beatles 

The Strip is known for its famous rock ‘n roll Billboards, and it’s challenging to recreate them. One of the most famous ones is of The Beatles doing the iconic walk across Abbey Road. This new trend of billboards started in the 1960s. Companies hired artists to paint custom billboards, which cost anywhere between $1,200 to $10,000. 

Each one pushed the other to make more elaborate billboards to top the last. Now, the prices exceed that by thousands, and with plans to add more billboard space in Los Angeles with the demand increasing, you wonder if the price will increase as well. 

Anti Semitism

Toward the end of 2022 and heading into 2023, there appeared to be billboards popping up all around LA combating antisemitism. Dozens of these billboards started to appear, hoping to denounce the hate speech that was on the rise. The Jewish Federation of Greater LA partnered with one of the billboard agencies in the area to launch this campaign—each billboard featured a different message promoting love and inclusion. LA is the second largest Jewish community in the country, making this an impactful home to these billboards.


From the classic Marlboro Man to the more recent ones promoting love and inclusion, Los Angeles billboards are a sight to be seen. While the price tag on them may be steep, if done correctly, they’re well worth the investment for your business. What do you think is the most impactful billboard on the Sunset Strip from the past and the present? 

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