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New Jersey Film Producer and Actor Chris Cardillo Makes Waves In Entertainment Industry

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Chris Cardillo is a New Jersey native and executive producer who has worked in the movie industry as an actor, writer, and producer for over two decades. He has always had a passion for acting and started making short films when he was just five years old. Cardillo’s skillset eventually led him into acting and producing in feature-length movies.

When Chris was just five years old, he wrote his first play which he performed for his parents. Cardillo knew his career would be in acting, writing, and production. In 2012, Chris became the lead actor in The Grievance Group (2014), as well as working as the executive producer and writer. He has worked with Jenni “JWoww” Farley of Jersey Shore on his film, The Mint (2022). He has also partnered with Hollywood star Tara Reid, in his drama movie production Worthless (2018). Continuing to grow his portfolio, Chris has produced 10 films to date far, while also recently becoming an award-winning filmmaker; taking home Best Screenplay at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival for Second Chance City.

Cardillo is a passionate artist who pours his emotions into all his stories and creative projects. For Chris, art isn’t just fixed material, but an emotional experience. “Artworks are static and require a large amount of interpretation. With film, the same art comes alive and you can take your viewer on a journey of feelings and emotions,” says Cardillo.

Chris is also an exceptional leader who knows the value of teamwork; he actively involves his team in all aspects of a project and makes sure to bring on board the best people for every creative project he participates in. He believes that success comes from working together, encouraging input, collaboration, and creativity among everyone involved. Cardillo says, “I feel that this team concept is the secret to ‘my’ success.” 

Chris Cardillo is planning to continue making major moves with his project, Second Chance City. Chris told us, “In the past, my goal was distribution, but with this film I think that we have a real chance to win awards at festivals. I’ll be spending a lot of 2023 chasing festival wins and marketing this project.” He’s also working on an effervescent pop comedy script, as well as working on a podcast where he’ll interview actors and influencers alike. Keep up-to-date on all of Cardillo’s upcoming projects by following him on Instagram, @chriscardilloofficial.

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