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Darin Lee: A Military Veteran Turned Best-Selling Author/Poet

Darin Lee is a military veteran turned poet and author. His love for writing started in third grade when he would sell his poetry and drawings to his classmates for a few dollars a day. Writing has always been in his soul, allowing him the freedom of expression when the world may try to box him in. However, during his third deployment in the military, which ended up being the longest deployment in SSGN history, he wrote “hoetry,” which became the #1 new release on Amazon. This article will explore Darin Lee’s unique story and how he started his writing business.

Darin Lee’s passion for writing and helping others through his creative works makes him unique. He has a natural knack for writing, art, and helping others, and he started his journey to get his books and creative works out and heal others through his thoughts and notions. He wants people to understand themselves and others and accept what comes with it. Darin believes he can save others through art because art saved him. He used writing as a cathartic experience and has been able to express himself and heal his depression and anxiety while serving in the military.

The biggest challenge Darin faced when starting his business was direction. He knew what he wanted to do but needed to find a direction that aligned with his passion and goals. Darin realized that direction could determine his impact, and that is what he wanted to do: make an impact on people and systems that affect people. He advises anyone who wants to start their own business to find their direction and see if it solves a problem, creates an impact, and is something they are genuinely passionate about.

Darin’s inspiration for getting into the writing industry was his life itself. He believes everyone has a unique story that the masses should hear and feel if they can take it to that scale. Darin is creative and visionary. He sees things from a plethora of viewpoints and always looks to push forward thinking on contemporary and archaic ideas. He identified his uniqueness of how he wanted to be portrayed and the legacy that could be left and ran with it.

Darin believes that mindset is everything when starting your own business. It’s the realm where you set your mind, and it aligns with your actions. Mindset is imperative, but a mindset without actions is vain and nothingness. Therefore, he advises anyone trying to start their own business to make a plan, make it make sense for their time in their day-to-day life, and ensure their goals align with their lifestyle. If their goals don’t align with their lifestyle, they should change their lifestyle to match the goals of the business and the success they want to see.

Fear is a natural part of life for Darin. He believes that fear is in everything we do and that we live in a perpetual prison of fear. However, he believes we must decide what’s on the other side of that fear to determine our actions. But even in that, we are forever faced with fear.

Darin Lee defines success for himself in small goals and milestones. He celebrates these accomplishments daily, so he doesn’t get bogged down by setbacks. For Darin, success is about moving forward and growing in his craft.

Darin’s next projects include the release of his affirmations journal for women and men, titled “affHERmations” and “affHIMations,” respectively. He is also making a meditation and writing course for those suffering from depression and anxiety, like he was. These sessions will focus on allowing people to relax, concentrate, and journal their thoughts. Finally, he aims to establish his nonprofit that provides youth with the tools and resources they need to succeed in basketball, tech, healthy eating, taxes, business startups, community building, and more.

As an independent entrepreneur, Darin has faced his fair share of challenges but remains undaunted. He believes staying focused and taking setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow is the key to success. His attention to detail and commitment to providing his customers with a unique and fulfilling experience set him apart from the competition.

For Darin, financial freedom means the ability to travel freely and have the time to explore new ideas and create even more impactful projects. His goal is to improve his own life and the lives of those around him, including his loved ones and those he can affect on a larger scale.

Overall, Darin’s love for writing and helping others shines through in his creative works. He uses his words to inspire, encourage, and educate, and he truly believes that art can save lives. Darin Lee’s story is a testament to the power of following your passion, even in adversity. So, if you’re considering starting your own writing business, take a page out of Darin’s book and follow your dreams passionately and purposefully.

To keep up with Darin’s latest projects and creations, follow him on Instagram at or check out his works at With his passion, drive, and innovative approach to entrepreneurship, there’s no telling what he’ll accomplish next.

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