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Friendship In Goldy’s Closet

Friendships are an art form and maintaining them is a necessary skill that needs to be resuscitated in our current time. I notice people sometimes see things as disposable. Swipe left if I don’t like somebody’s ears, ghost, if one doesn’t care for their political stance, and many people, are written off if they don’t see eye to eye on religion. Frankly, it’s bullshit.

Relationships are built on so much more than current events and what circulates on social media.

This picture is of one of my favorite friends in the world, Ryan Smith an artist’s relations representative of many years at Shure Incorporated. They supply the world’s greatest artists with world-class microphones, in-ear monitors, and more. I met him years ago when I first arrived in Nashville TN. His professionalism and care for artists have created a bond and friendship as strong as the name he represents. When Ryan says he will do something I can be SHURE he will always come through.  During the pandemic I watched my world shatter and realized even more than ever the importance of a friend. Money comes and goes, and gigs happen or get canceled but a solid friend is something that should be cherished.

I tell this story from time to time of someone who has had my back. The night before leaving for a tour in Afghanistan our drummer went MIA. He bailed on the trip and we didn’t have a complete group. I was in full panic mode. I remember calling my bandmates in a panic and finding out our roadie for this run actually played drums. He said he would learn all of the music on the way over but he had no drums or cases. I called Ryan from Shure immediately just for advice. Ryan, also an insanely talented drummer offered up his gear. I was to meet him at his office asap on the way to the airport. Who does this? His drums & cases would take a beating in Kandahar but Ryan kept his cool and kindness. I’ll always remember someone going above and beyond exceeding all expectations of an amigo.

Recently we met for our monthly Starbucks appointment. It’s something I look forward to more than anything. The time to talk shop with somebody and my industry who understands. I get to connect with somebody who is a peer and whom I respect and look up to.

I had lots to say that day. There was much brewing in my mind I wanted to ask so many questions of my friend but that would have to wait. 

Pretty much our entire conversation was about processing the recent death of my dear friend’s mother. At that point in time nothing else mattered but to hear what was on his mind and in his heart. My mom passed a few years back and I know the club he recently joined. It stinks, it hurts, it stings, and as we talked about it, I gently mentioned his heart mending will take some time. True friends soften blows but don’t sugarcoat, they work through the issue. He just has to dive in and talk to as many people as he can about his feelings and let time do its due diligence for healing. That was the only thing I wanted to talk about that day. I ask that everyone reading this sends his family prayers of healing and comfort and also uses this article as a reminder to love those unconditionally who surround us. Family members, friends, neighbors, and co-workers who add light to our lives. Cherish them every day as you never know when that is the last time on earth you can celebrate them.

Friends are the most priceless gift a person could be given. Take care of them responsibly and every chance you can. As I learned from the late Curt Hennig my late wrestling mentor, you’ve got two ears and one mouth. He told me to shut the @#$& up and listen to others. He didn’t say it lightly. I wish every kid could have a WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship pro wrestling champion as their mentor. Talk about brutal honesty, pro wrestling has taught me that. I think we’d have a different world than we do now. Not that it isn’t good but we do have some work to do.

Ryan, I’m so sorry for your loss as we all are. Everyone is thinking of you and praying for your family. I’m so grateful to be your friend and honored that I had the chance to hear what was on your mind. Thanks for trusting me and thanks for sharing.

People will come and go throughout your lifetime. Everyone has their season. True friends stay for the long haul so be SHURE to choose them wisely. They shape who you are and who will become. I’m so grateful for those solid rocks in my life.

Ironically this photo was taken in front of an incredible Nashville TN restaurant that burned to the ground. It was a local favorite and meeting spot. It just goes to show you things, places and people can be gone in the blink of an eye. Please take a moment to think of those who mean something to you and matter. Send them a message or give them a call. That’s a Golden Order! XO

Goldy Knows

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