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Digital Marketing Expert Jonni Parsons Aids Multiple Companies Through Digital Marketing

Sunday Morning Marketing is a digital marketing company founded by Jonni Parsons. The idea for the company came to life while she was just 19 and working out of her college dorm room. Under Jonni’s direction, Sunday Morning Marketing has flourished while carving out a niche in the competitive media industry. It is quickly becoming one of the best digital marketing companies in the U.S, having signed up several well-known clients. 

The company aids its customers in implementing innovative and advanced internet advertising methods. Social media growth, Facebook ads, Google advertising (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web design, as well as opportunities to appear in tier one publications much like this one, are just a few of their primary offerings. Although social media strategy and growth is just one of the many services Sunday Morning Marketing offers, it is by far the most popular.

While social media continues to be one of the best marketing channels, it’s important for businesses to understand exactly how it’s changing in order to leverage it properly. A brand can no longer post generic content across all of their social media channels and expect it to produce results. Consumers have grown immune to this type of marketing. 

Businesses need to stand out and be memorable on social media. Jonni and the rest of her team at Sunday Morning Marketing help their clients do just that. According to Jonni, today, a results-driven social media marketing strategy must include the following:

  • Campaigns on the platforms where your target consumers’ attention is present
  • Highly creative content specifically created for each platform
  • Unique ways to encourage UGC (user-generated content)
  • Generating high engagement to be favored by the algorithm 

Many businesses and influencers rely on Sunday Morning Marketing to bridge the gap in their understanding of traditional marketing and new-age digital marketing. They offer the expertise that few other companies can match. Jonni’s team is constantly on the lookout for new trends and algorithm shifts for each platform. Her biggest advice to those who want to continue to grow on social media is to remain flexible. “We live in a world where the landscape is changing every day. What worked yesterday might not work next week. Companies have to be able to adjust quickly.

At 26 years old, Jonni is an entrepreneur who believes that in the coming years, digital marketing will continue to be a crucial component of any successful business strategy. While some businesses are slow to react to that fact, Parsons claims that the vast majority now recognize the significance of digital marketing and are flocking to her in droves. “You can only keep up with the competition if you have a well thought out digital marketing plan,” she confidently remarked. “There is no other way.

In Jonni’s opinion, the most significant shift over the past few years is that digital marketing is now applicable to various companies. Only in recent years have businesses outside the media and e-commerce sectors recognized the significance of social media and a cutting-edge digital strategy. Every company you can think of today has some sort of online marketing strategy in mind. According to Jonni, a solid online presence is essential for any modern business, be it a gym, cleaning company, law office, cafe etc. 

Each social media platform and website acts as a digital front door to any business. If your company isn’t presently on social media, you are missing out on a robust resource to build your brand.

Sunday Morning Marketing may be a company based out of Boston, but they have established a strong clientele all over the USA. They are looking to grow internationally and have plans to begin to expand in the coming months. Jonni is also the author of the new Christian book Ignited, sold at Target, Walmart, Christianbook, Amazon, and other retail locations. She strongly attributes her book sales to her digital marketing campaign that she and her team prepared prior to launching.

You may find Jonni on Instagram under the handle @jonninicole – If you’re looking for posts about faith and digital marketing, she’s the one to follow! If you’re in need of any digital marketing services, visit

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