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Mike Diamond suffered years of setbacks before he became a world-renowned life coach – now his new book shares the secrets of empowerment

Everyone has the power within them to make positive changes in their lives – explore this topic further with Mike Diamond’s new book.

A Dose of Positivity: Tools, Techniques, and Strategies to Live Life on Your Terms’ – the new book from Mike Diamond – is a memoir, a self-help guide, and an eye-opening account of what it takes to live life to the fullest. It’s on our reading list for the month ahead… 

Diamonds have long been coveted for their rarity, purity, and brilliance, symbols of lasting love. But diamonds hold even greater spiritual significance – imbued with the power to open minds to possibility and fortify their wearer with strength, courage, and determination. Forged in the fire over billions of years from pure carbon – life’s foundation – it is no wonder these precious crystals are also regarded as talismans that protect against bad luck or energy.

Already receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews, Mike’s book takes a deep dive into his incredible life story, including how he battled addiction, trauma, and mental health issues to emerge on the other end as a life coach. Now he provides help to thousands of people who faced similar challenges to him.

At rock bottom, he was ready to give up. Then a spark of positivity lit inside him and drove his recovery – now, with A Dose of Positivity, he’s guiding others on their journey from despair towards success! Discover the mental tools you need to transform in this no-holds-barred exploration into getting your life back.

Mike has a wealth of wisdom to share from his personal triumph and transformation journey. Drawing on methods he’s personally tested, Dose of Positivity guides readers toward remarkable success by trusting their innermost source for inspiration and strength in challenging times. Readers will gain invaluable insight into staying grounded, fostering positive change within themselves, and finding peace with what life brings them along the way.

Mike’s Journey 

For those who don’t know Mike’s rollercoaster story, he spent his childhood in Australia. Growing up in a chaotic, dysfunctional home, he faced much adversity and was expelled from school as a teenager.

Mike’s early years saw him fall between the cracks of the educational system, with his dyslexia holding him back academically, even as he fought against his difficult upbringing and remained highly driven and motivated (with a particular flair for athletics and other sports). 

Mike broke out of his circumstances at home when he managed to secure a Green Card to the US, resulting in him moving to Miami. There, he got his first taste of how resourceful and spirited he could be when he put his mind to it. He found himself working on various TV projects (including appearing on the hit tv shows Miami Ink, New York Ink, and Sex in the City.), rapidly making his way up the entertainment industry.

But the psychological demons from his past still haunted him. As his star grew in his career (by the mid-00s, he was a household name and co-owned a club with Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland), he also engaged in substance abuse as a coping mechanism. 

On April 16, 2006 – a date seared into his memory – Diamond realized that something had to give, or he would die as an addict. 

So, he got sober. 

Mike drew a line under his past and got sober by following the 12-step program. As he concentrated on his sobriety, he devoted his life to his family and his friends. He returned to his youth’s former athleticism by running marathons and challenging himself physically. 

He only kept his boundless energy and spirit from that dark period. But in his sobriety, he turned that energy to helping other people. 

Mike has been sharing his journey to help others for almost two decades. In that time, he’s become a celebrated author, life coach, public speaker, podcaster, and nationally-recognized figure. 

With A Dose of Positivity, he gives a no-holds-barred insight into the mental tools, techniques, and strategies which helped him get from the lowest point in his life to where he is now. 

Mike believes that with positivity and the right mindset, anyone can overcome whatever obstacles life throws their way. Drawing on his experiences, he shares honest advice for building resilience and conquering adversity. This book is worth your time.

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