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Erica Vallejo of iFreshly Digital Leading Cannabis Companies to Kick the Stigma around Consumption and Give Back to the Community Simultaneously.

Under the thoughtful leadership of CEO and Founder Erica Vallejo, iFreshly Digital is leading cannabis companies by helping them identify their company culture, values and mission in meaningful ways beyond simple marketing strategy. This Austin, Texas based Fractional Chief Marketing Officer service has created an innovative platform that is helping break down the stigma and taboo of cannabis users, by providing tailored marketing plans, strategies and advice to help cannabis businesses succeed, and give back to the community simultaneously.

iFreshly Digital has been giving back to local communities throughout the Austin area as well as working with clients such as Herban Bud that contribute to causes such as ‘The Last Prisoner Project’ in Texas, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for cannabis reform and rectifying the harms of the ‘War on Drugs.’ Founder, Paul Trowe says, “I really resonate with ‘The Last Prisoner Project’ because I believe everyone should have access to their medicine and not have a felony for doing so.

Erica knows that the impact that giving back to the community can create, and leading companies to do this on a consistent basis is what can change the stigma that surrounds the cannabis industry. She says “Every business has a unique story to tell, and aligning with non-profits around the causes that are trying to rectify the wrongs done by the ‘War on Drugs’ is where we will likely see the taboos around cannabis start to fade. The private sector has a responsibility to lead this movement. When we all band together to lift up our communities, we can make an even bigger impact and create the positive change we want to see in the world.

Giving back to those around them and leading other companies to do the same, iFreshly Digital provides Chief Marketing Officer services, using data analytics to uncover customer motivations, they are able to create tailor-made approaches to drive engagement and increase sales among cannabis customers, and related businesses.

Additionally, they focus on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to boost user engagement even further, and help get your team working together and accountable for every action taken in representing your brand successfully and compliantly. 

Investing resources into helping your organization develop a strong team that provides value from both a professional standpoint and from an ethical one is what the cannabis industry needs right now, and Erica and iFreshly Digital is leading that movement.

Erica has also partnered up with other leaders in the cannabis industry, working with Southern High Points Consulting to help newly established licensed operators build standards and processes from legal compliance and regulatory issues, cultivation, production, operations, processing, and sales and marketing. 

All in all, through their unique digital solutions combined with ethical practices aimed at benefiting more than just its clients, but also the community at large– iFreshly Digital is setting new standards of leadership in the growing industry while challenging outdated stigmas along the way.

*About Erica Vallejo:  Erica is CEO and Founder, and Fractional Chief Marketing Officer of iFreshly Digital a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer service  which has won “Media Innovator” award for Best Dispensary and Cannabis Marketing Company, Texas 2022 (Corporate Vision), Advertising Agency of the Year, Texas 2022 (Corporate Wire), and Best Cannabis Business Development Marketing Firm 2022(New World Report)

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