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AI-Generated Art That Will Blow Your Mind: The Creative Genius of Junkyard and Bandit

AI has revolutionized many industries, including the art world, where it has transformed how art is experienced, consumed, and even created. AI has provided artists with new tools and techniques to create even more complex and intricate works. For example, artists can use GANs (generative adversarial networks) to create unique art pieces. This machine learning algorithm can generate new images based on input data to develop original artworks by analyzing patterns and trends in existing artwork or to create new compositions. You can also create art from your writing. With AI text-to-image generators like Starry AI and Nightcafe, you can turn your writing into a painting or image. 

But art creation isn’t the only aspect affected by AI. AI has transformed how art is marketed and sold, creating more opportunities for artists. Today, there are several online marketplaces to sell generative art or AI art, and the prices are mind-boggling, especially with the rising demand for NFTs. What does the introduction of AI mean for the art world and artists? We spoke with two artists at the forefront of art: Junkyard and Bandit.

Junkyard and Bandit have cemented their spots in the art world and are widely known for their unique art pieces. Junkyard’s style is predominantly grayscale stones, drawing inspiration from the whimsical and playful aesthetics of 1930s rubber hose cartoons, while Bandit’s art is more about Web3. Bandit explores different styles, from graffiti to photography and filmmaking. He is pushing his artistic ambitions to Web3.

Junkyard via

Both Junkyard and Bandit discovered AI art from different platforms. Bandit has always been interested in trying new mediums and tools, and when he saw AI art as he was scrolling through Twitter, he knew this was something he wanted to try. His friends had also brought this up. For Junkyard, AI art was just a “grotesque and trippy abomination.” He never considered AI art exciting or worth his time until DALE-2 and Midjourney. He has never looked back since.

Bandit via

Junkyard says working with AI is a refreshing departure from his usual creative process. He sees AI as a valuable tool that can assist and augment his own creative process. As AI continues to evolve, Junkyard believes it will become even better, a statement Bandit agrees with, especially with the growing relationship between AI and NFTs.

However, they say a lot needs to be done to reach this future, including addressing the differences in opinion.

“Many artists are understandably apprehensive about the possibility of AI technology replacing human creativity, which can lead to the loss of countless jobs. This fear has led to much pushback from the artistic community towards AI art, creating a sense of unease and uncertainty about its role in the creative process,” says Junkyard. “However, to fully harness the potential of AI technology and ensure that it serves as a tool to augment human creativity, it is essential that we remain vigilant and stay informed about the latest developments in the field. By promoting ethical AI and maintaining a commitment to artistic excellence, we can create a brighter future for artists and ensure that machines don’t replace us.” Both Junkyard and Bandit have new art projects.  

Bandit currently building a brand called “House of Bandits” and is getting ready to release his first large scale PFP project called Alphabandits which will be minting next month.  Junkyard is always working on his own art and currently collaborating with Weedar, a weed brand that blends NFTs and weed packaging to create a unique AR buying experience. The web3 movement is changing the art world, and platforms like are driving this transformation with their powerful royalty and revshare features. This innovative capability enables artists to monetize their work in ways that were previously impossible, receiving royalties every time a piece is minted or sold. By leveraging this functionality, artists can focus on their creativity and continue pushing the boundaries of AI art while providing their communities with royalties and donations.

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