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Seasons and Carols for Christmas: Stuart Ross Carlson’s Music Takes You on a Journey Throughout the Year

Music can transport us to different places and times, evoking emotions and memories we thought were long forgotten, something Stuart Ross Carlson aims to achieve with his new albums. In his latest project, the fast-rising violinist, violist, composer, and arranger takes the listener on a year-round trip.

Portrait of a Landscape: SEASONS and Carols for Christmas, both available online and at local music stores, explores and captures the energy and optimism of the four seasons. Carlson has collaborated with notable artists to bring this project to life.

The albums, which consist of more than ten songs, including “Home on the Range, “What’s in A Name,” “Carol of The Bells,” and “Christmas Morning,” feature talented musicians such as Jetty Rae, Brad Phillips, Caroline Coade, Jacob Warren, Cole Anderson, Zoie Hightower, the Topeka Symphony Orchestra, and more, with Stuart Ross Carlson as the leading composer and arranger. His undeniable talent and skills have helped him to flawlessly execute the project, with classical music fans and artists alike praising Stuart’s ability to create music that is both intricate and vibrant. 

Carlson has always loved music. He was introduced to music at a very young age which inspired him to take the next step. Stuart Ross Carlson holds 4 degrees from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He has a Bachelor’s in violin performance, and music composition, a Master’s in viola performance, and a Specialist in Music (SM) in viola performance. 

The renowned musician has won several awards for his performances, and his work has been recognized by several prestigious organizations and performed by ensembles across the US, UK, and Japan. Carlson is a published arranger/composer via Keiser Music/Southern Music and a member and regular Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra performer. He often has shows at the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra. 

In addition to being a talented musician, he is also a member of the autistic community. Diagnosed with autism at 3, he intimately understands the unique challenges and experiences of living on the autism spectrum. Carlson seeks to inspire and uplift others through his music and brand, encouraging them to embrace their differences and pursue their passions.

He says one of his goals is to inspire other young people diagnosed with autism. He hopes that through his journey, they see that they don’t have to give up on their dreams or hide from the world.

One of Carlson’s most notable achievements was at the Arts Advocacy Day in Washington, DC. Carlson was chosen as the representative of the John F. Kennedy Center and performed for an audience that included the legendary Matt Sorum, Yo-Yo Ma, Cristina Pato, Senators, and other members of Congress. His performance was dedicated to the accomplishment of people with autism. 

As Stuart Ross Carlson continues to grow, they will inspire many others with their talent, perseverance, and dedication to their craft. Carlson proves that anyone, regardless of their background or challenges, can achieve great things with hard work and determination. Most importantly, he reminds us that music can connect us all, regardless of our differences, and we can travel through music.

In the coming years, Carlson sees himself arranging, composing, and creating music for television, film, commercials, video games, and more. To listen to or order his two albums, check out his website.

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