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Mini Mani Moo® Beauty’s Andreina Continues to Innovate

The beauty industry, which includes skin care, hair care, and cosmetics, is one of the most competitive and fast-paced. To stay at the top of this industry, you must be ready to innovate continuously and develop the best products that will stand out amongst your competitors. Beauty products that are natural and organic will always make you feel more confident in yourself, and this is what New York-based Mini Mani Moo® Beauty is helping many people achieve through their timeless products.

Mini Mani Moo® Beauty was co-founded in 2014 by Andreina Landis and Mark Landis. The beauty brand began with a heavy focus on revolutionary nail products. These products were developed to strengthen nails and help women achieve a stunning well-polished look. At this time, they primarily relied on becoming internet sensations to sell out their goods, but as they continued to evolve, they moved into thousands of retail stores around the world.

Despite being small, the co-founders dreamed of becoming a renowned brand offering quality beauty products. They have grown from a line of nail products to include a luxury skincare line. Mini Mani Moo® Beauty has launched skincare products for both women and men—Ms. Moo™ for women and Toro Cosmeceuticals™ for men. With so many beauty brands focusing on women,  Mini Mani Moo® Beauty chooses to be different and gives men the same priority as women as skin care is essential for all genders. “I understand most men might realize that there’s a problem with their skin. Whether it’s aging, sun damage, or acne, they don’t know where to begin. So I created a place where you can learn how to begin to help fix your skin issues,” says Mark.

An industry leader, Mini Mani Moo® Beauty skin care products are vegan, cruelty-free, and free of parabens and sulfates. One of their biggest sellers is their vitamin C serum. The vitamin C serum is 10% pure without additional water, giving your face the ultimate glow and 100% of the benefits of pure vitamins. Mini Mani Moo® Beauty’s luxury skincare products are available for everyone and are sold at a customer-friendly price. The brand guarantees its clients receive quality products to help them embrace their skin. The co-founders say they aim to maintain the same values that their nail care line followed in their new products for both women and men to ensure their customers get the best.

Building the company to become an internationally renowned brand has not been easy. Mini Mani Moo® Beauty’s growth has faced several hurdles—the major challenge being a lack of enough capital. Launching new products into the market and controlling logistics on a global scale requires a lot of funding and intelligent strategic decisions, which the founders say were a challenge. However, they have overcome these challenges, launched over 350 beauty products, and are hopeful to continue scaling to greater heights.

Andreina’s passion and vision in the beauty and skincare industry are unparalleled. She envisions herself being considered a mover and shaker in this industry. With her biggest selling markets being the US, the UK, Canada, the EU, Australia, and Mexico, she aspires to expand her brand to other parts of the world that have yet to try her incredible products. The beauty enthusiast revealed that their next target is Tokyo, Dubai, and the rest of Southeast Asia as they look forward to transforming the beauty world with their unparalleled products. 

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