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How This 14-Year-Old Became a Nationwide Food Influencer 

Legacy food critics, step aside. These days, you don’t need a degree to review America’s hottest restaurants – at just 14 years old, influencer FoodGuyJack has become a leading voice in the online food community. 

So how does a middle schooler become an entrepreneur, food blogger, and content creator trusted by more than 100,000 followers across all platforms, and sponsored by leading brands like Raising Canes and Sprinkles Cupcakes?

For Jack Spiritas, the answer was clear: a strict production schedule, a positive attitude, and an adventurous palette.

As people who work in the social media industry can attest, consistency is key. Unlike other influencers trying to break into the foodie space – Gen Z or otherwise – Spiritas has remained steadfast in his strategy to generate trending content. 

Since his first Instagram post in June 2021, Spiritas has made over 250 posts and Reels. He started posting on TikTok just a few months late. By 2022, he made the jump to YouTube and was promoted to verified account status. Across these three platforms, Spiritas has yet to go more than a few days without posting. 

When brands and restaurants approach FoodGuyJack to collaborate, he works hard to be a reliable partner – despite his youth. 

On top of consistency, Jack’s shining positivity has also bolstered his rise to fame. His love for food shines through every single video, and he doesn’t rely on negative reviews to go viral. Instead of critiquing chefs and nitpicking dishes, Spiritas uplifts deserving restaurants and celebrates the joy of eating. He cares about the culture behind food, remaining respectful at every tasting.

“If there’s something weird on your menu, I’m going to order it first thing,” said Spiritas. “I love showing off the crazy things I eat, and my followers always get excited by experimental dishes.

With guidance from foodie mentors FoodGod and FoodBeast, Spiritas is learning how to package his bold content to maximize viewership. 

“I’m trying to show people that eating a single dish can be an adventure in and of itself,” said Spiritas. “There’s nothing as thrilling as trying something new, and I can’t wait to see what future reviews have in store.”

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