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How SCALE Healthcare is Solving the Challenges of Modern-Day Healthcare Management 

Modern healthcare management is a multifaceted undertaking and is constantly changing with the advent of new ideas and new technologies. To successfully navigate this landscape, healthcare organizations need to evaluate their financial, human resource, data management, and risk management processes and seek guidance on those processes. 

SCALE Healthcare is stepping in to help healthcare organizations navigate the ever-evolving terrain of the healthcare landscape. Their expert guidance aims to elevate healthcare management across the board. 

“Effectively managing today’s complicated healthcare companies requires expertise in several practice areas,” says Roy Bejarano, CEO and co-founder of SCALE Healthcare. “For many companies, this means working with partners who can provide deep industry knowledge across a wide range of domains and specialties.”

Founded in 2019, SCALE set out to provide healthcare organizations with access to business-scaling partnerships. Having grown exponentially by 2022, SCALE was named Consulting Magazine’s #1 Fastest Growing Firm and had hundreds of clients. 

The challenge of modern-day healthcare management 

“Our foundational belief is that narrow solutions will not solve multidisciplinary challenges,” says Bejarano. “Today’s healthcare environment involves complex networks of systems that require broad and deep solutions.” 

Modern healthcare has been deeply influenced by what is happening in the world around us, especially the recent COVID-19 pandemic. More people than ever began to rely on telehealth and digital services during the pandemic, forcing the hand of many healthcare organizations to adapt or die. 

Modern healthcare is also a more collaborative effort, and organizations forming strategic partnerships is one of the primary ways they scale. SCALE specializes in helping organizations identify and convert strategic partnerships to improve their operations or overall performance. 

Modern healthcare’s biggest challenges come from the need to evaluate one’s processes and know where there needs to be change or improvement. “SCALE adds value to organizations by bringing a deep understanding of those systems. All of our time and effort is invested in gathering, organizing, perfecting, and offering healthcare management expertise to our clients,” Bejarano explains. 

Strategic Solutions for Organizations 

SCALE offers an entire collection of solutions, designed to target exactly what organizations specifically need. The array of SCALE Companies zeroes in on the many shifts that companies may need to make with the ever-changing world of healthcare. 

The various SCALE Companies include SCALE Finance, SCALE RCM, SCALE Marketing, SCALE Talent Search, SCALE Data Analytics, and SCALE Compliance and Risk Management. All of these areas are led by experts and allow organizations to seamlessly pivot with the changes required to remain competitive and grow within the modern healthcare system.

SCALE experts have inside knowledge of what needs to be done to best manage a healthcare organization. For example, SCALE RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) helps clients increase transparency, efficiency, and results optimization within their organizations. They provide a flexible approach that moves beyond a one-size-fits-all method of RCM. 

SCALE Talent Search helps organizations uplevel their leadership staffing processes. The search for leadership within an organization can be challenging, and SCALE helps organizations efficiently meet staffing needs. Every organization has unique hiring needs, and SCALE takes this into consideration with every client, personalizing the experience for each one. 

SCALE can even help with marketing needs with SCALE Market Research, which harnesses the power of data and the expert-driven identification of opportunities for organizations. 

The SCALE team is composed of C-suite executives of medical organizations with decades of experience. They act not just as consultants, but as proven operators. 

The over 75 selected experts provide clients with significant value as they rise to the challenges of modern healthcare. Bejarano believes strongly that we are entering an era of transformation for the medical world, and SCALE Healthcare is primed to guide companies toward greatness.

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