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From The Depths Of The Ocean, “Deep Blue” Crafted by Designa Individual

Designa Individual Watches known as DiW, is a brand that is making waves in the watch industry. Known for its innovative designs and customizable features, DiW is breaking the conventional of traditional timekeeping and delivering a product that truly reflects the wearer’s individuality. Taking on the challenge of communicating to a younger generation which numerous mainstays of the luxury watch industry avoid, DiW addresses this by modifying watches from top brands and incorporating both the brand’s history and unique modifications into the new avant garde models. 

Continuous development allows DiW to reach new heights (or depths in this case), combining the union of traditional watchmaking with the craftsmen’s mastery resulting in the emergence of the “Deep Blue” project. The base model for this modification is the Rolex Submariner which was introduced in 1953 and was the first watch designed for divers that could withstand water depths up to 100 meters (330 feet). This was a major advancement in the field of waterproof technology, coming after the creation of the Oyster, the first waterproof wristwatch, in 1926. The Submariner had a major impact in the world of watchmaking and established a benchmark for diver’s watches.

       The Deep Blue watch is a new addition to the highly acclaimed Submariner Collection crafted by DiW. The modification made to the original design has elevated this watch to a new level of luxury and performance. The exceptional Deep Blue project is a masterpiece of art, technology and engineering. With its stunning blue high-end Quartz fiber case, the Deep Blue watch is a true reflection of style, durability, and reliability. The blue high-end Quartz fiber used in the construction of the case is one of the rarest and most innovative materials found in the watchmaking industry. The fiber is crafted using a unique blend of materials and has an exceptional level of durability and strength, making it an ideal choice for a dive watch. The result is a case that not only looks stylish, but also provides exceptional protection against the elements.

Not just about aesthetics, The Deep Blue project is also about functionality. The 55.1-gram weight of the watch is balanced to perfection, making it comfortable to wear for long hours The bezel is made from carbon, which is known for its strength and lightweight. The bezel is designed to resist corrosion and provides a secure grip, even in the most extreme conditions. The back case is also made from carboquartz, a material that is both lightweight and durable, and which is designed to protect the delicate mechanical movement of the watch. The strap of the Deep Blue, made from NATO-nylon is comfortable, durable, and easy to adjust with the buckle providing a secure and comfortable fit.

     The Deep Blue watch is a true masterpiece, and is a true reflection of  DiW’s commitment to innovation, quality and design. The watch has been designed to meet the demands of today’s modern-day diver, and is perfect for anyone who is looking for a high-performance dive watch that is stylish and comfortable to wear. Whether you are an experienced diver or simply looking for a beautiful timepiece, the Deep Blue watch is a great choice, and is sure to provide you with years of enjoyment and satisfaction.

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