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Cinnamon Cooney – Inspiring People to Produce Creative Artwork and Creations

Art involves applying imagination, creativity, and skills to express a concept, idea, event, personality, and other elements through paintings and sculptures. Art involves several creative branches and takes numerous forms in painting, sculpture, literature, music, dance, and architecture. However, most people mean painting and sculptures when discussing art or creative skills rather than dance, music, and literature. Visual arts revolve around a person’s imagination and creativity because painters express their thoughts through their paintings. Although paintings reflect the painter’s imagination and creativity, viewers derive different meanings due to their diverse perceptions. Creative and visual arts inspire millions of people by offering a unique medium of expression in visual imagery than words or phrases. 

Millions of people utilize their creativity and talent to produce marvelous and fascinating works of art that inspire and attract people. Talent plays a primary role in creative work, and many artists have an innate quality to produce extraordinary works of art that stand out in history. However, talent is not always necessary to develop a piece or product that intrigues people or captures their imagination. Many artists, painters, and other creative people work hard and train rigorously to perfect their skills and expertise. Cinnamon Cooney, also known as the Art Sherpa, is an artist and art teacher who inspires people to produce creative artwork by utilizing their skills and practicing. Her teaching philosophy reflects that anyone can learn how to paint and make artistic creations regardless of their innate skills or talent.

Cinnamon Cooney is an acrylic painter, art teacher, YouTuber, and the founder of the Art Sherpa organization, teaching millions of people how to paint and guiding them on their creative journeys. She became the Art Sherpa by completing a rigorous journey from a stay-at-home mom to an art-at-home mom while overcoming life’s challenges. Cooney went from a wife and mother to a prominent YouTuber with over 693,000 subscribers and 70 million views. She faced numerous challenges as a young and upcoming artist. The Art Sherpa used her artistic skills to transfer her pain to her paintings. She embraced her creativity and took it upon herself to teach others how to use painting and art to overcome issues and heal emotional wounds.

Cinnamon Cooney is a third-generation artist in her family after her mother and grandmother, who also used to paint. She got her initial passion from her family but also worked hard to enhance her painting skills before starting her career as an art teacher. She married John Cooney in her mid-20s and has three children, Honey, Spyder, and Lunabella. Cinnamon Cooney graduated from Prairie View Texas A&M University with a commercial and advertising art degree. She formally started her career as an art instructor and consultation host for Merlot 2 Masterpiece in 2013. Cooney also created a YouTube channel called Art Sherpa the same year to teach people how to paint. However, she also faced numerous challenges during her life but used her passion for overcoming all adversities and failures. 

Cooney coined the art sherpa phrase during her classes and instructional videos when she introduced herself to students or viewers. She would tell aspiring artists that she was their art sherpa and take them through the art of painting like a sherpa who guides mountaineers to mountain peaks. Cooney knows the impact of the appreciation of a talented painter’s work at a young age because her mother’s appreciation of the paintings she crafted as a child played a primary role in her artistic development and journey. However, everyone does not get the attention or appreciation they deserve and end up relinquishing their dreams and passion. Cooney started the YouTube channel to offer beginner painters and artists a medium to refine their techniques through an easy-to-understand process.

Cooney started the Acrylic April challenge to show people how to paint on various prompts in live painting sessions from April 1 to April 30. She also appeared as a guest in the Arts & the Park for an acrylic painting class on the Art Springs Stage in April 2019. Several media outlets, including the Caswell Messenger, the Twin City Times, and Beloit Daily News, featured articles portraying her as a prominent mentor and teacher due to her unique teaching style and significant social media following. The philosophy that anyone can paint enables Cinnamon Cooney to inspire and teach millions of people how to produce creative artworks and creations regardless of their talents or expertise. Her unique teaching method and step-by-step instructions allow people to understand the complex art of painting effectively.

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