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Matt “Trance” Fury – Improving Environmental and Mental Health Awareness Through Euphonious Electronic Music

Electronic music has been around since the 1920s and 1940s but gained significant popularity in the 1960s after the rise of digital computer music. The 1970s and 1980s witnessed a significant increase in versions and iterations of electronic music, including the emergence of trance music from Europe in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Many artists produced appealing music in various genres, including trance, electro, house, and techno, taking electronic music to new levels. The rise of famous music artists in the electronic music genre during the 1980s and 1990s influenced many young and aspiring artists to develop and produce unique electronic music by combining several elements. Electronic music also became popular at parties, nightclubs, and raves due to the fast-paced beats and tunes that compel people to dance.

Most people typically link electronic music to parties and raves. However, a few recognize it as a medium for raising awareness about social and environmental issues. Prominent electronic music artist Matt “Trance” Fury started raising awareness about social and ecological issues by innovatively using electronic music. Matthew Fury, known popularly by his stage names Matt Fury or Trance Fury, has been developing and producing electronic music since the late 1980s. Fury’s songs and albums always have a particular theme or message that revolves around creating awareness among people regarding particular issues, like social issues, living happy lives, and environmental conservation. The Weather Channel also used Fury’s tunes as background music and soundtrack lists for various programs.

Matt “Trance” Fury, born on December 27, 1972, in New York, had a flare for music from an early age and started playing the piano at age five. He continued playing and listening to songs and music in various genres according to the changing trends. Fury attended John Jay High School, played basketball at the institute, and graduated in 1991. He studied atmospheric sciences and meteorology at the University of Albany, SUNY, in 1993 before acquiring an associate science degree in liberal arts and sciences from Dutchess Community College in 1995. The Trance Europe Express introduced Trance Fury to electronic music in 1994. The musician got hooked on the genre while developing an interest in creating and producing music. He completed his bachelor’s degree in computer science from SUNY, New Paltz, in 1997 before starting his music career in 1998.

Although Trance Fury officially started his music career in 1998, he previously started a band named “Strange Child” during his college days. The band produced four song demos and played across several towns around the Hudson and Litchfield Valleys of New York and Connecticut. However, the band separated, and Fury decided to produce music as a solo artist. Trance Fury followed his music passion and kept listening to music before officially starting his career by releasing Around the World and Back in 1998. The song reached the number three position on the top-ten song ranking by the popular music website in 1998. He released two more songs in 1999, including Armageddon and Whatever Worx! Armageddon also ranked first on the electronic/techno chart. Fury produced Another 1000 Years in 2000 as a celebration of the millennium.

Fury continued working on his music throughout the early 2000s and established Trance Fury Radio in 2005 while becoming its music director. He became the owner of TFR Records in 2006. He released his first record in five years, 7 Steps to Resolution, which received over three million reruns on Pandora Radio. After a hiatus of three years, Trance Fury released Mother Earth and Father Time in 2009. The Weather Channel chose various songs from Mother Earth and Father Time as the background music for its popular forecast program Local on the 8s. Fury produced two more songs in 2009, including Fly Away and Carolina Shore, which also became a part of the Weather Channel’s soundtrack.

Matt “Trance” Fury continued his music career while churning out appealing electronic music for the masses and raising awareness regarding various issues. He released several singles and extended play mixes from 2010 to 2019 in electronic, techno, and trance genres. He just released “Rediscovering,” his first song in almost four years. The Rediscovering album marks his evolution as a director and storyteller through unique vocals and lyrics in the electronic dance music genre. The album will revolve around rediscovery and deriving new meaning from life while experiencing professional and personal evolution. Matt “Trance” Fury entertains the masses with electronic music while raising awareness about crucial social and environmental issues.

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