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From Silver Screen To Blockchain: The Unstoppable Yuxin Liu And Her Revolutionary Web3 Projects 

To become an influential producer, you have to be creative and innovative. It would help if you also pushed hard to get something unique to stand out in the competitive marketplace. Almost anything can be justified as a visual style if a captain puts it all together. Everyone has an appetite for anything about imagination, anything that is as far away from reality.

Yuxin Liu is a multi-talented woman who has put her excellent skills on many screens. Yuxin is a renowned creative actor and producer with nearly two decades of experience. Her career highlights span various fields as a performer and producer. Yuxin is the producer behind the phenomenal films, “Eternal love, The Pillow Book” (TV series); “Scarlet Heart” (TV series), “Mulan” (Movie, 2009), where she features as cast. Yuxin has also performed multiple times in the widely celebrated “CMG Spring Festival Gala,” one of the most significant Gala in the Chinese New Year calendar.

A multi-faceted producer, Yuxin has scaled up her career beyond the Hollywood scene. She has produced globally celebrated films, among them “The Starlight Media,” an award-winning film directed by Rich Brian. “The Starlight Media” has also been nominated for the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, where Yuxin features among the guests.

In 2022, Yuxin Liu got the chance to be an award presenter for the Asian Film Festival. Yuxin’s most significant achievement is Wuhan! Wuhan, which was an awarded documentary at the Asian Film Festival 2021, where she was also a jury group member. 

On the other hand, Yuxin is interested in the blockchain and Web3 spaces. Blockchain technology is the driving force of the industrial revolution. It is a centralized database with a cryptographic trace leveraged to enhance the authenticity and ownership of digital assets such as images, GIFs, musicals, and other art forms. Blockchain also plays a predominant role in the fast-merging Web3 world, helping creators such as Yuxin Liu enhance their creativity. 

Yuxin has been an investor and Web3 co-founder for the last four years and is heavily involved in NFT. Additionally, Yuxin takes pride in her upcoming project, a Web3 platform called Footage, set to be launched around March 2023. As a co-producer, she is the first Chinese mainland actress to actively enter the Web3 space. Yuxin shares a profound interest and passion for Web3, which she believes is certainly the technology of the future. 

Yuxin is a philanthropist and a firm believer in making the world a better place for everyone. She also believes in women’s empowerment and, more importantly, in empowering them to tap into their innate potential. To Yuxin, the entertainment industry is a diverse industry with opportunities for women. Also, the entry of Web3 is a significant boost for an industry largely propelled by creativity and originality. 

Looking to the future, Yuxin hopes to expand her interests and activities in the coming years by leveraging Web3 technology. She is confident she can continue advancing her career ladder by producing more informative movies and documentaries that inspire people. Yuxin is confident that in the future, she will appear on many screens and will be a globally celebrated actress and movie producer, as well as a Web3 expert. She also aspires to encourage and inspire others to explore Web3 technology. 

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