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Steven Carrero and his Pursuit of Diversity

Back in the old days, people were content with what they had. It was a time of scarcity and the people of the time had to learn to settle with whatever they received. Similar was the case with their passions and livelihoods; they had limited choices. Partially due to the tradition of those times and partially due to the lack of opportunities and awareness. People used to spend their entire lives serving in a position they were born or forced into, with no diversification and as far as working for passion goes, it was nonexistent. Times were tough and the world was too big for people to take on alone. Thankfully, all that changed.

In today’s day and age, it is far more convenient to diversify your portfolio. Whether it is learning different skills to boost your financial standing or treading on a new path for the sake of your passion and love for it – everything is quite doable. The wonders of our time allow us to explore a ton of options without even leaving our room. Thanks to the technical aspect behind it as well as the drastic increase in knowledge and awareness among the general public. 

Every individual on the planet now has access to all the information available to them through internet and they are free to do anything with that knowledge. Under such circumstances, not doing anything for yourself would definitely constitute an insult. Contrarily, there are people who have made names by embracing different professionalisms and trying different domains. Let’s take the example of Steven Carrero or more popularly known by his stage name _IAmCrypto, who is an American Author, Writer, Illustrator, Promoter, Gamer, Social Media Influencer, as well as a lyricist. Steven used whatever was available to him the best he could and became a man of many talents. 

Steven was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico but grew up in Bronx, New York. Soon after turning 18, Steven decided to join the United States Air Force. After spending twenty years of his life in the Air Force and going through multiple deployments, injuries, and differences of opinions, Steven decided to retire as a Master Sergeant under Honorable Conditions. Steven earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice but he no longer wanted to pursue Law Enforcement and had developed an interest in writing. 

Writing not only became Steven’s way of dealing with the after-effects of the military but it also eased his PTSD. Soon enough, he found himself crafting beautiful stories that not only contained essential messages but also stunning illustrations. After honing his skills to their absolute best, Steven went on to publish Lord’s of the gifted: A Nation of Banished Heroes, Mommy, Am I?, and The Adventures of Trez: Lost Dino.  All of these books were created for children and not only feature Steven’s originally crafted stories but also contain illustrations that he perfected in his pursuit for diversification.  

Steven’s pursuit for art and creation also motivated him to create music which eventually led to the creation of the song “Trump Card” and “Forms of Depression” featuring Lucci Damus. It is people like Steven who give true meaning to the word diversification and motivate others to step out of their comfort zones and try new things. One could say that if in this day and age you’re not benefitting from all the resources so easily available to you, then you’re missing out on a lot! 

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