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How Senpex is Upgrading 3PL with Technology

Like many entrepreneurs, Anar Mammadov, CEO of Senpex, was inspired to launch his business when he identified a gap in the market. E-commerce was fueling new demands for last-mile delivery services, and meeting those demands meant facilitating deliveries in less than an hour — something that existing companies were struggling to manage. 

Anar believed that he could provide a third-party logistics (3PL) service that would fill that gap. He also knew that technology would play a key role in achieving business success.

“I consider Senpex to be a technology-based company,” Anar explains. “The innovative ways that we use technology for logistics differentiate us from other companies. From our internal automations to our delivery optimization engines to the APIs that we have developed to serve our clients, much of our success has come from our commitment to developing and deploying technology that improves efficiency.”

Since launching in 2017, Senpex has grown to become one of the nation’s premier last mile delivery partners. Its 8,000 drivers are spread across over 10 states and serve 4,000 clients, including 1,000 clients who have named Senpex their official logistics vendor. Among those who have come to rely on Senpex are well-known organizations like Samsung, Stanford Medicine, and Restaurant Depot.

Building success from scratch

Technology integrations are common in the 3PL space. Without the efficiencies they provide, few companies could expect to keep up with consumer demands. However, rarely are those solutions custom-made to meet unique problems. Senpex, unlike other 3PL businesses, drew upon Anar’s experience in the technology field to build its technology solutions from scratch, ensuring they addressed specific industry needs.

“The buttons, the algorithms, the architecture of the system — everything involved was built from scratch based on real customers’ needs and demands,” Anar says proudly. “Prior to launching Senpex, I had 18 years of experience in the technology industry. I knew that an open-source platform that anyone could access wouldn’t provide the solutions that the industry needed. But by building from scratch, we were able to develop our solutions with real customer feedback. Every button is there for a reason; every feature serves a real-world, industry-specific function.”

Senpex’s 3PL solutions meet customer demands because they were designed with customer input. Developing technology this way takes more time, but provides better results. Anar considers Senpex’s commitment to inviting, hearing, and working with customer feedback to be central to its success.

“I am very proud that we took the time to understand and build the technology that delivers what the customer was looking for,” Anar says. “The feedback I get now is that customers greatly enjoy the user experience. We will continue to improve our technology based on their continuing feedback.”

Leveraging technology-driven optimization

Customers also love the efficient and cost-effective delivery options that Senpex offers, all of which benefit from the company’s technology-driven optimization. From the time that an order is placed, Senpex’s proprietary API technology ensures that success can be delivered at scale. The Senpex API integrates seamlessly with a host of e-commerce apps and its complex pricing algorithm provides an instant, reliable, and competitive price for delivery.

Once an order is ready for delivery, technology is leveraged again to make sure that the delivery team and route to the customer are optimized.

“The AI and machine learning that fuels our driver optimization allow us to be continually improving on the system,” Anar explains. “For example, we now offer a multi-route, multi-driver clustering option that leverages AI to consider all of a business’s scheduled deliveries when determining the most efficient driver allocations and the most efficient routes.”

AI-driven route optimization has been a hallmark of Senpex’s service since the beginning. When determining the most efficient route, Senpex’s systems consider a variety of factors, including weather, traffic, and the necessary delivery vehicle. In addition, optimization is tracked throughout the course of the delivery, providing drivers with real-time updates via a mobile driver app when changing conditions mandate a change in routing.

Empowering clients with consistency

Senpex Flex is a new tech-driven feature announced for 2023 that will provide Senpex’s clients to build even better relationships with their consumers. The new feature allows corporate clients such as restaurants, health service providers, and other B2B organizations to secure dedicated drivers for consistent and ongoing delivery needs. In essence, Senpex Flex allows businesses to lock in a reliable driver for a specific slot, ensuring that their supply chain needs will be met by someone with experience on the route and a proven record of success.

Senpex Flex also brings an unparalleled level of flexibility to Senpex’s customers. The dedicated driver routes it provides access to are also adjustable, meaning delivery needs can be updated as the need arises and drivers will be automatically alerted. In essence, Senpex Flex takes the stress out of inbound and outbound delivery logistics.

“Reliability is paramount in terms of driver availability for both customer satisfaction and business needs,” explains Anar. “Achieving that reliability has been a big problem for competitors like Doordash, Uber Eats, Roadie, Grubhub, and others. They often struggle to fulfill market needs with 100 percent coverage. Senpex Flex delivers that reliability in a way that promises to revolutionize how third-party logistics drivers are allocated within a business supply chain.”

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