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Penuma: Helping Males feel Confident Where it Counts

Much of what helps males feel confident can hinge on their sexual prowess and performance in the bedroom. For many men, if they feel they fall short in terms of penis size, it can effectively squash their confidence between the sheets — and elsewhere. 

Dr. James J. Elist has brought a new procedure to the market that seeks to boost men’s confidence and improves on other penile enhancement procedures that were ineffective or risky. “We live in an era where as a society, we are more accepting and understanding of bringing positive change for all men and women,” says Dr. Elist. “Unfortunately, penis size has been used throughout history to emasculate men or define their masculinity.” 

Dr. Elist hopes to be a harbinger of change. With over 40 years of experience helping men with sexual health issues, Dr. Elist hopes his offering will help men reclaim their confidence safely and effectively. 


Dr. Elist’s procedure is called PenumaⓇ, a revolutionary penile enlargement implant that is the first of its kind to receive FDA clearance. After being in the sexual health space for so long, Dr. Elist bore witness to the damage that could be caused by procedures that preceded his own. 

“The various procedures that preceded Penuma have caused real damage to men around the world; in fact, I have been witness to that damage time and again when a patient presents himself after a fat injection procedure or suspensory ligament division,” Dr. Elist explains. His goal with Penuma was to bring a science-backed, effective solution to men struggling with being satisfied with the size of their penis. 

Dr. Elist’s track record with successful Penuma implants is phenomenal. Since debuting the procedure in 2004, he has performed thousands of implants, asserting that the procedure can help men gain one to two inches in girth on average. 

In addition to being effective, the procedure is safe, natural-looking, and removable. Using a “concealed scar” technique makes it nearly impossible to tell if the patient has had a procedure done. And unlike fillers or fat injections, the implant contains no liquids or gels, meaning it will not dissolve over time and will maintain the same girth and shape as it had the day it was put in. 

Penuma’s design is done in such a way that it helps with performance and confidence in the bedroom without causing any harm. The implant hugs the penile shaft in a way that avoids placing pressure on the urethra. Peer-reviewed and studied, Penuma has repeatedly proven that it is a cut above the rest in the penile enhancement game. A recent clinical study showed that Penuma has a 95% success and satisfaction rate among men who received the implant. 

Going beyond aesthetics 

For men who wish their “packages” packed a bit more punch, Penuma can get them to where they want to be in terms of size. However, that is not the only benefit of the procedure. To Dr. Elist, the procedure could be considered life-saving in some instances. 

“You hear stories all the time of broken relationships because of problems with sexual satisfaction,” says Dr. Elist. “When that happens, doubt can lead to depression and worse. There have been cases in which men have considered suicide before turning to an enhancement as a solution. I think it’s true to say that there are people alive today because of our attention to this matter.”

Relationships can often fail because of problems in the bedroom. When one partner lacks confidence, for whatever reason, it can spell trouble for the sexual satisfaction of the other partner. A lack of sex can also increase a relationship’s stress and lead to stress-related health issues. 

“It doubles the joy when my patient’s partner writes to me and tells me how positive the experience has been for them,” says Dr. Elist. “Penuma has a high self-reported patient and partner satisfaction rate.”

Expertly designed 

One of the most critical aspects of the design process for Dr. Elist was improving on past issues with penile enhancement. 

“Treating the unfavorable outcome of other surgeries will teach you a lot about what you should not do,” Dr. Elist explains. “I worked with engineers and scientists to ensure that Penuma is designed not to affect the natural function of the penis and it can be safely removed if need be, unlike the previous methods.”

Those who seek help from Dr. Elist receive personalized attention, as each patient is handled as a unique case. The process is a short outpatient procedure, and recovery is relatively simple, with most patients being able to resume routine daily activities in two to four days. The implant comes in sizes L, XL, and XXL. Taking note that there is no small or medium, Dr. Elist explains, “Nobody wants a small, so we don’t have a small and we don’t have a medium. We start from large.”

Dr. Elist is a physician who knows what men want. Making Penuma safe and effective has allowed Dr. Elist to truly disrupt the male enhancement space. 

“With the Penuma implant, I hope to have contributed something special to the history of cosmetic urology and to have helped our patients live their lives to the fullest,” Dr. Elist says.

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