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How Quantropi is Changing the Way We Protect Data

Your passwords have an expiration date known as Y2Q. It is the day that quantum computers will become powerful enough to break the cryptography that most people and organizations currently use to secure their data.

“The countdown to Y2Q is on,” says James Nguyen, CEO and co-founder of Quantropi. “Quantum computers are gaining ground. Soon, they will pose an existential threat to the encryption technology that is used to secure our global economy. Q-Day, as some call it, is coming much faster than most people think and, when it arrives, it will affect every organization on the planet.”

Quantropi is an award-winning Canadian cybersecurity startup that provides quantum-secure encryption solutions to Global 2000 enterprises, governments, and the Internet of Things (IoT) network. Its mission is to protect data from today’s cyberattacks and tomorrow’s Y2Q quantum attacks.

In 2022, Quantropi was awarded the prestigious Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Challenge Award, which honors the world’s fastest-growing tech companies. The award acknowledged Quantropi’s work in “Quantum in Mobility,” celebrating the solutions it has pioneered for controlling and protecting technology deployed in the mobility sector. Specifically, the award focused on the work of Quantropi’s TrUE Quantum-Secure cryptography innovations, which provide a new generation of security for the mission-critical embedded systems that are empowering IoT.

Eliminating risks in IoT technology

Quantropi has identified the IoT landscape and the embedded devices on which it depends as an area that is especially vulnerable to the Y2Q threat. There are currently over 13 billion IoT devices in use around the globe, including everything from smart vehicles to smart watches to smart refrigerators. Experts predict that the number will grow to over 25 billion by 2030.

“Implementing robust, quantum-secure encryption is a challenge in the IoT space because computer power is limited, memory space is scarce, and power consumption is of concern,” explains Michael Redding, CTO of Quantropi. “As a result, many IoT devices already lack adequate security protection. Quantropi’s solutions provide a seamless upgrade to quantum security forever, with lightweight performance that eclipses all alternatives.”

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is a leading agency in the US effort to address cybersecurity concerns. Its Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) standardization process is focused on determining the cryptographic algorithms that have the capability to provide reliable safeguards against quantum computing cyberattacks.

“Quantropi, through its innovative QiSpace™ platform, is setting new standards for cryptographic solutions,” shares Michael. “We provide public keys that are less than half the size of NIST PQC finalists and digital signatures up to 180 times smaller than NIST Digital Signature finalists. In addition, we provide encryption up to 18 times faster than AES-256 systems while requiring less than 10 percent of the power consumption.”

Empowering a quantum-secure future

“Quantropi’s QiSpace™ is the bridge to a quantum-secure future,” James explains. “It is a platform that offers an immediate, seamless, and cost-effective integration of quantum-secure cryptographic and communications capabilities, enabling organizations and governments to protect data in motion and data at rest against classical and quantum-based attacks. And because it is extremely fast, lightweight, and high-performance, it ensures that all our connected IoT devices can start, run, upgrade, and communicate quantum-securely.”

QiSpace™ is built on innovative technology that has earned Quantropi nine patents and provides solutions backed by the support of over 20 scientific publications. It is the only platform uniquely capable of addressing all three prerequisites for complete end-to-end quantum security: trust, uncertainty, and entropy.

The MASQ™ quantum-secure asymmetric encryption component of QiSpace™ brings trust into the equation, providing PQC with an efficiency that maintains performance metrics similar to classical algorithms. Uncertainty is addressed through QEEP™, which provides quantum-secure symmetric encryption with an efficient functionality that makes it perfect for resource-constrained IoT devices. QiSpace™ empowers the distribution of true random numbers and keys through SEQUR™, which provides Quantum Entropy as a Service (QEaaS). Together, the three components provide what Quantropi calls TrUE quantum security.

“When it comes to Y2Q preparedness, only QiSpace™ offers TrUE quantum security for organizations pursuing Y2Q preparedness,” shares James. “And it does it without the need for new and expensive hardware or infrastructure. It is mission critical that organizations be prepared to deliver on their business promises, regardless of what develops in the area of cybersecurity. Migrating to QiSpace™ empowers them to do that.”

Enhancing security in the digital economy

Developments in quantum computing are threatening the security of the $50 trillion digital economy. Bad actors are already stealing and storing secrets, just waiting for quantum computing power to decrypt them. While it is impossible to know exactly when that time will come, most believe it is fast approaching.

“Quantropi is committed to providing solutions that will uphold truth and trust in our digital economy,” James says. “Developing products in a nascent market that address an evolving and fast-approaching threat is very challenging. However, we have established a strong team and set a clear vision for helping organizations to defend their brand against the onslaught of quantum computing attacks. With Quantropi’s solutions, organizations can secure tomorrow today and stay that way.”

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