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5 Startups That Are Set to Dominate in 2023

Tech startups play an integral role in the evolution of the digital era. From breaking molds, pushing boundaries, and offering cutting-edge solutions, to displaying the possibilities of technological capabilities, these companies are the catalysts for continuous growth, industry disruptions, and the emergence of fresh minds. As more breakthroughs take place, forward-thinking leaders are ahead of the curve in identifying trends, displaying innovations, and filling voids that benefit a multitude of sectors from global organizations.

A recent study shows that roughly 100 million startups open every year, with only 20% successfully exiting stealth and turning into legitimate solution providers. But as the needs of B2B businesses become more nuanced and the tech revolution further advances, a handful of startups are up for the challenge of turning pains into gains and transforming complexities into opportunities.

Here are 5 startups that are set to dominate in 2023:


Founded in November 2021 by sales tech entrepreneur Eldad Postan Koren and cybersecurity expert Bar Haleva, Winn.AI provides real-time AI assistance that helps sales teams with their administrative tasks by acting as an extra pair of hands during meetings. This allows salespeople to devote their attention entirely to the customer, enabling them to win more deals with less hassle through its innovative real-time tracking, capturing, and CRM updating features.

This is a sought-after tool for sales reps and account executives, enabling a stronger, more authentic conversation with their prospective clients, free from administrative hassle. What’s more, it allows sales leaders to establish stronger brand voices, smoother onboarding, faster funnels, and increased sales.


Voyantis was founded by Ido Wiesenberg and Eran Friendinger in 2020 after the two noticed a great void in marketing and growth teams: the overreliance on naive assumptions and outdated models in propelling a company’s growth. A predictive growth platform, Voyantis empowers online businesses to achieve sustainable LTV-based growth while overcoming privacy challenges and fixing the insurmountable costs of acquisition. 

Voyantis leverages artificial intelligence to gain insights from thousands of data points to efficiently achieve exponential profitability by transitioning to LTV-based growth. Its codeless platform, which is used by world-renowned brands such as Miro, Notion, Ipsy, Beard-Club, and others, predicts each user’s future propensity and lifetime value shortly after acquisition. This provides teams with data-driven and in-depth analysis to acquire and retain high-value users for greater long-term growth and steadfast profitability.


Peech was founded in 2020 by Danielle Dafni and Johnathan Amit-Kanarek to automatically transform in-house content into professional branded videos that are ready to publish. This startup provides a personalized and automatic video editing and management platform that empowers marketing teams to instantly create, transcribe, collaborate, optimize, and publish content in one place. 

Peech recognizes the pains of content creators and marketing teams in creating videos out of existing content. More often than not, companies would outsource experts to take over this tedious process, which can be equally expensive and time-consuming. By leveraging generative AI and complex machine learning, this platform acts as every marketing team’s assistant in effortlessly producing premium video content with utmost speed and brand accuracy.

Novi Connect

Novi Connect was founded by Air Force veteran and MIT alum Kimberly Shenk in 2019. Shenk recognized the efforts of brands that work tirelessly to get the visibility they need in their raw materials. For years, retailers have relentlessly tried to create cohesive standards around their SKUs to meet consumer demands that are quickly evolving by the minute. Novi is designed to connect brands, manufacturers, and suppliers for a faster and easier way to develop products. 

From marketing claims and regulatory checks, to supply chain transparency, Novi empowers business leaders by giving them the access and tools they need to translate their brand ethos into product reality with accurate alignment with the organization’s vision. 


Tangibly provides end-to-end solutions for efficient administration and protection of trade secrets. Founded in 2021 by serial entrepreneur Tim Londergan, the company’s goal is to simplify proof in litigation, show increased enterprise value to investors or acquirers, and manage compliance with HR, NDA, and other documents used daily. Their innovative platform provides an efficient process that allows for working smarter, resulting in protection and peace of mind.

Progressive companies understand that trade secret laws provide significant protection for their intellectual assets. However, all of the necessary processes are DIY, making it a glaring gap that needs to be bridged. This is where Tangibly comes into the picture: to respect customer data, simplify the implementation of best practices, accelerate understanding of trade secret case law, and leverage AI/ML automation for ultimate asset protection.

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