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Carlos Moreno’s Services as a Dynamic and Renowned Scientist

Every country’s economic and social progress is driven by research, revolution, and development. The shared interest of all countries in scientific research is expressed in their perception of their role in confirming human civilization’s well-being. The degree of social development is primarily determined by the implementation of its education and research systems, the level of education of its people, the excellence of research products, and the equal right of all prospective users to access the services of these systems. We could not exist without researchers and their contributions to various scientific discoveries and fields. Millions of things remain undiscovered, including illnesses to be cured, the phenomenon to be evaluated, and species to be discovered. All of this is made possible by the research and the positive efforts of researchers toward different causes.

Researchers play an essential role in the advancement of the world. Scientists and researchers can discover or unearth novel solutions, overcome knowledge gaps, and revolutionize field practitioners’ work. Some scientists choose a path on which they examine various disciplines, innovatory solutions, and subjects. Such people are innovative and enthusiastic about their futures; among them is a prominent scientist, researcher, and entrepreneur Carlos Moreno. He is recognized as a scientist and specialist in Artificial Intelligence and a pioneer in intelligent cities with his vision of a Human Smart City, a reality. As the leader of the Scientific Committee of the International Forum of Human Smart City, Moreno works to contribute to the world of science and technology. The reason for making the idea of a smart city is to invent a city that places people and life at the heart of the issues through services and uses.

Speaker and author of initiatives aimed at international dialogue (Forum Live in a Living City, City Protocol Society), Moreno began working at the University of Evry, in which he participated in its creation. He performed his duties as a responsible individual at the university. Moreno became a professor after earning the highest French university degree, the Habilitation à Directeur de Recherches (HDR) in Mathematics-Computer Science, specializing in Robotics in January 2000. The establishment of Genopole, a biotechnology cluster in Evry, provided scientists, research engineers, and entrepreneurs from the university with the opportunity to collaborate regardless of their backgrounds and specializations, an approach that Moreno has promoted ever since. Moreno works closely with the initiative, which Pierre Tambourin and Gabriel Mergui manage. For LaMI (Laboratoire des Méthodes Informatiques), academics, and colleagues, it was the time of great classics, decoding the human genome, and epigenetics. 

Moreno and his Struggles for the Technological World

Carlos Moreno has attempted to connect worlds throughout his career. His considerable work in the high-tech industry developing bridges between governmental institutions, major corporations, and SMEs is motivated by a deep belief in the value of collaboration and a desire to nurture collective intelligence. He is also involved in governmental and commercial innovation and research collaboration projects.

As a scientific expert, Moreno has served on various governmental committees, working groups, and public service missions. As a speaker and scientific researcher, he is continuously in demand by the media in France and globally to spread his work on science, technology, and urban innovation. Moreno has contributed substantially to developing linkages between France and Latin American countries, particularly relationships with big corporations with export operations. He has also created commercial possibilities and encouraged technological transfer. 

Moreno, who is deeply devoted to research, advancement, and creativity, works to bring together scientific disciplines and professionals in the innovation ecosystem, from industry to startups, with a cross-disciplinary approach. Professor Moreno also helps spread and popularize science, technology, and urban applications by participating in scientific councils, program committees, or national and worldwide media events. He was the Mayor of Paris’ Special Envoy for Smart Cities from February 2015 until September 2021. 

Professor Moreno was named an Academic Board Member of the Strate Design School in Singapore in September 2018 and a member of the Scientific Council of the French Institute Mines – Telecom (2015 – 2022). His dedication to France, a country that has embraced him warmly and to which he remains a dedicated worker, is equal to his enthusiasm for producing value via business. As a passionate trainer, he continues to bring his knowledge to new generations and continues to share his expertise and actively participates in various public service initiatives.  Its monthly Saturday afternoon meeting with students from all over the world in French, English and Spanish is well known.

Few things can compare to hard work, yet being hardworking does not guarantee success. No matter how hard or long some individuals work, they need keen observation and a goal to proceed accordingly. Moreno gives us the example of such a man who struggled and still strives for the betterment of society.

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