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Bouncing Back Stronger | Dr. Neeta Bhushan’s 4 Ways To Building Unshakeable Resilience

World-renowned emotional health educator, award-winning author, top-rated podcast host, and speaker Dr. Neeta Bhushan is here to normalize the messy, chaotic, and sometimes sh*tty human moments we all face on this beautiful journey of life. With many individuals struggling to bounce back from hard times, the Queen of reinvention and resilience shares four unbeatable ways to help you build up unwavering resilience for good. 

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to instantly snap back after being emotionally and mentally bent, compressed, or stretched? To have unapologetic resilience, feel unstoppable, and be able to conquer most aspiring dreams? Now, there is a way to find that state of being within us, but… {why is there always a but?}

We need to make a choice. No matter the adversity, we can choose to be bitter and upset, be a carrier of grief, or we can rise with resilience. It’s not to deny that a particularly tough time didn’t happen, but from what I have learned from Dr. Neeta Bhushan is that it’s the acknowledgment of what happened followed by ‘the now what?’ That matters.

“When I fully hit rock bottom and went through my adversities, I didn’t allow myself to grieve, and after shattering into a million pieces, I began to pick myself up,” says world-renowned emotional health educator, podcast host, and speaker, Dr. Neeta Bhushan.  

“But to do that, I had to break. And in that moment of breaking down, in the crying and the screaming and the howling, I wished I had the tools to help the little girl within me when I was growing up.” 

Along with other life experiences overcoming multiple adversities, including being orphaned at 19 and surviving an abusive marriage, the extensive loss felt by Dr. Bhushan contributed to her unearthing the powerful message of resilience. 

And after selling her extensive million-dollar cosmetic dentistry practice, Dr. Bhushan traveled across 45 countries researching human behavior, ancient eastern philosophy, and therapeutic psychology. This led to founding several institutes to help train thousands to be the highest versions of themselves.

She continues, “today it’s my mission to help other people embrace the magic in their mess, to embrace the joy in sometimes chaotic moments. I want to help people say ‘yes’ to embracing the suck in our lives, to go through that suck, so that they can gain the knowledge to turn those sucky moments into magical moments and fly forward.”

Renowned for being the Queen of reinvention, she has since shared her thought leadership on international stages and in multiple best-selling books. But now, as we enter a new year, Dr. Bhushan would like to equip you with some powerful tools she calls “The Bounce Factor” to help you explore your subconscious self. So without further ado, here are four ways to build unshakeable resilience:

  1. Examining And Making Peace With Your Upbringing

First, to build unshakeable resilience, we need to “take into account the things we were taught when we were young, and make peace with some of the nuances we experienced,” shares Dr. Bhushan. “Were we allowed to feel our feelings? Were we allowed to speak our truth? Were we allowed to talk and be listened to by our elders?” 

What type of parents did you have growing up? Were you exposed to big traumas like poverty, oppression, divorce, bullying, and sexual assaults? Diving deep into your upbringing and figuring out whether any of these factors interfere with how you dealt with life and circumstances can determine how efficient your bounce factor is.

  1. Welcoming Good Stress By Doing What Scares Us

Part two is your ability to welcome good stress by looking into your current environment. “Are you allowing yourself to be challenged when thinking about building unshakable resilience? Are we exposing ourselves to the things that scare us?” asks Dr. Bhushan. 

“For example, one of the things that changed my world was improv. It is this way of allowing yourself to play and be present at the moment. You could say the stupidest, most outlandish, craziest thing, but somebody else will accept you and say yes, I’m going to do something with that.”

And so, in what ways can we lean into and expose ourselves to good stress? Can we acclimate to even having difficult conversations? 

  1. Embracing Your Capacity To Feel

Coming in at number three is whether you are allowing yourself to feel those emotions. Do you find that you’re constantly judging yourself? “Most of the time, we judge ourselves, but why should we deny our humanity to feel?,” questions Dr. Bhushan. “So if your answer was yes, where is that coming from? Is it coming from our upbringing? Could it come from the fact that we couldn’t hold our anger?”

She continues, “for example, I often see this with my male counterparts because they were told that they shouldn’t cry. So if they see someone else crying, they can’t hold it for another because they never allow themselves to even feel that expression. So, feel the feels!”

  1. Building Your Radical Self-Awareness (RSA)

The last part is building up your radical self-awareness. Your RSA is essential because it lets you stay in tune with what is coming up for you. It’s acknowledging and accepting things about yourself that, well, kind of suck. Over time, it’s about being OK with these sucky things and the good stuff and understanding where these patterns come from. 

“Do we want to go to that party, or are we doing it for the show? Are we really overextending ourselves right now, or am I just going to push until I burn out?” says Dr. Bhushan. “Can we say no? Can we build boundaries around that? It’s about recognizing and leaning into that subtle awareness – call it intuition, when we know things are out of integrity, out of alignment, or no longer feel good to our nervous system.” 

In the end, as we sail through this crazy whirlwind of life, whether we like it or not, we will experience setbacks. Stretching from one side to the other – in all areas of your life, these setbacks may take us down emotionally and cause many of us to spiral into chaos, but with resilience on our side, nothing can stop us.

Yes, becoming someone who doesn’t crumble when life gets hard takes time, but once you get to grips with these tangible tools, having a mindset that rolls on its side and still bounces back after hitting it ten times hard will change your life for good. 

So if you are ready to elevate your life and build up an unshakeable resilience, 

snag a copy of Dr. Neeta Bhushan’s book, That Sucked. Now What? How to embrace the joy in chaos and find magic in the mess here.

To dive deeper into the genius behind Dr. Bhushan, tap on her socials: Instagram / LinkedIn / Youtube or sign up for one of her upcoming coaching events, Ignite 2023, and Fly Forward Bravely into the Future You Deserve

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