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East Coast to West Coast: The Success Story of Penn State Grad, Jake Sieber

Being an entrepreneur requires taking risks and persistence, but forming a company from scratch to generate six-figure revenues requires something special. For Jake Sieber, entrepreneurship is like a calling to him. Taking entrepreneurial risks and being consistent is a sport. He is the founder of Tech Butter, an integrated marketing and consulting agency, and two previous companies.

Jake was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He’s a graduate of Accounting and Finance from Penn State University. During his senior year, rather than pursue a Master’s degree like everyone else, Jake decided to create a company with friends. He recounts how it felt like he was making the worst mistake. However, the online jewelry brand paid off endless work. The company made a six-figure monthly revenue and attracted a few New York City investors. In 2017, the company, partially owned by investors, relocated from Pittsburgh to New York shortly after Jake sold his shares.

While in New York, Jake teamed up with classmates and Penn State friends living in New York and founded a new company. The idea was to design and develop an innovative, on-the-go wearable charging solution. They worked with overseas manufacturers to create a charger bracelet and other accessories. The bracelet collection was unisex and was available for Android, Type C, and iPhone users. The company, known as Revive, gained massive success in the industry. Jake notes that he acquired the original and rare @revive usernames for the company on all social media pages.

The company relocated to Los Angeles after two years. Jake felt he had a rich network, and he sold the company. He notes that it was a tough decision, but he believed it was time he focused his energy on something he wanted to pursue in LA.

By the end of 2019 and into 2020, Jake launched his newest company, Tech Butter. The company works with clients to help them develop and execute a social media-based marketing strategy. The company’s services include:

  • Influencer Marketing & Celebrity Endorsement
  • Viral Mass-Media Campaigns
  • Social Media Optimization – Growth, Engagement, & Presence
  • Digital Press & Publications
  • Digital Advertising through platforms Instagram, TikTok, Google, Snapchat, & FB
  • Content Production, Ad Creation, & Website Development

Tech Butter works with top athletes, models, social influencers, media pages, and actors. However, Jake notes they are very picky when deciding the pages/people to structure client endorsement deals. The company helps clients create the exposure needed to generate website traffic, attract new followers, and convert qualified leads.

Jake adds that key challenges through his entrepreneurial journey include finding the right team to build a company. He notes that it gets more challenging running a company with friends.

His vision is to grow Tech Butter’s services and operations in the coming years. He also wants to acquire more employees and expand his network, making Tech Butter the “go-to” online agency.

Being fresh from college and acquiring success in the entrepreneurial world is a significant accomplishment. Jake attributes this to his ability to stay focused on the primary goal. His new company, Tech Butter, is your perfect social media marketing agency. 

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