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How Ian Macklin Is Changing Sales Training in the Automotive Industry

Automotive sales have stayed stagnant through the decades, and it’s a process that most people have grown to despise. The same drawn out strategies are being used over and over again, which has even pushed people in recent years to avoid dealerships altogether. Something had to change.

Through their innovative training program, Ian Macklin, with The Elliott Group has mastered the art of championing success in automotive sales. Ian Macklin, a Vice President of The Elliot Group, agrees that the key to success in sales is becoming a master salesperson through the right mentorship and guidance. He emphasizes the importance of regularly studying and improving your skills and says that, “The best salespeople are always learning.” 

After 13 years and 103 months of successful car sales in the Rocky Mountain region, with the help of his brother and business partner, Evan Macklin, the Macklin brothers were at the top of their game as Nissan’s leading salespeople. With guidance from various trainers, including Andy Elliott, Founder of The Elliot Group, the brothers have gone on to join The Elliot Group to form an unstoppable team dead set on educating as many sales people across the world as possible.

For over a decade, Elliott has been inspiring automotive excellence. A record-breaking salesman himself, he scaled an automobile store from 100 to 500 vehicles before undertaking the challenge of training thousands for free. His mentorship is now being echoed by his protégé and vice president Ian Macklin as he continues his own pursuit of empowering future industry leaders through The Elliott Group.

Passionate about helping others achieve their dreams, the Macklin brother’s main focus is to be able to educate others on how to achieve success. 

“The only way you get there is to train. We took an approach like many of the great athletes, Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan – it all came down to training and your obsession toward your craft,” Ian stresses. 

Devoted to making lasting changes in auto sales, The Elliot group has created a revolutionary coaching system. This dynamic program provides dealers with over 2,000 training videos in their multi million-dollar training system made available for those part of the program.

Andy Elliott’s brand is known for yielding results, and Ian Macklin is building on that influence and reputation. Success means something different to everyone. For Macklin, it’s all about creating value in the lives of others. By leaving a legacy, it’s not just about how much money can be made, but how being a mentor at The Elliot Group can change people’s lives forever.  

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