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Unique Gift Ideas for the Holidays 

One of the best parts about the holiday season is getting thoughtful gifts for all your loved ones, but as year after year passes, the list of gift ideas can quickly run dry. Just how many times can you get a leather wallet for Dad before it’s time to get him something new? Thinking outside the box for holiday gifts can be surprisingly difficult. 

Thankfully, we’re here today to help you find the perfect unique gift for the people closest to you in life. Specifically, we’re going to give you a list of unique gift ideas for the holidays. By the end of this article, you’ll feel inspired to gift your loved ones items that they’ve never received before. For numerous ideas on unique and thoughtful gifts, keep on reading. 

Get Creative With Ethnic Wear 

Clothes always make great holiday gifts. Not only are there so many different clothing items you can get your loved ones, but you can also base what you get them on their fashion sense. However, if you’re feeling like you can’t think of any clothes that are unique enough to gift, then chances are, you’re only considering clothing from your home country. This holiday season, we encourage you to get even more creative with your clothing gifts by looking into ethnic wear. Indian clothes are the perfect example of unique and stunning pieces that can be worn by anyone. 

Indian clothing items typically come in a wide variety of colors and are usually made of lightweight, breathable material. Lashkaraa is an Indian clothing company that designs and sells top-tier Indian clothing that everyone will fall in love with. From stunning sherwanis for men to sparkling sarees for women, you’re sure to find the perfect ethnic wear and Indian dresses from Lashkaraa for your loved ones this holiday season. 

Honor the Veterans in Your Life With a Personalized Navy Hat 

Everyone needs to have a solid hat in their life. Able to both protect your face from the sun and add a little something extra to your outfits, hats make great gifts for just about everyone, but we encourage you to skip over the generic hats in Target and get one that’s more thoughtful and personalized this year. A great example of this would be getting a personalized navy hat for the veteran in your life. 

USAMM offers high-quality navy hats that can be customized to include a graphic of the ship they served on as well as its name. If you have anyone in your life that has served in the navy, then they’ll get an enormous smile on their face when they open your gift to find a customized navy hat from USAMM. This is a gift they’ll never forget. 

Make Safety Stylish With Stoggles Safety Glasses

This third unique holiday gift idea is for anyone in your life that has to wear safety glasses regularly. Maybe they have to wear a pair at work, or maybe they have a fun hobby that requires the usage of safety glasses. Whether worn in the office or the garage or anywhere in between, the typical safety glasses look has become quite outdated. Thankfully, prescription safety glasses from Stoggles are here to save the day. 

Stoggles is a company that offers modern and stylish alternatives to the traditional, bulky safety goggles look. Stoggles safety glasses will add to your outfit, not take away from it. Their sturdy material and sleek look make these prescription safety glasses a great option for both men and women. This will be the unique holiday gift they’ve been dreaming of. 

Warm Up This Holiday Season With Thoughtful Tea Gifts 

There is an age-old rivalry that has been debated by individuals all over the world for centuries. Of course, we are speaking of the rivalry between coffee lovers and tea sippers. While we are big supporters of both sides of this competition, this fourth unique gift idea is catered to the latter of the two groups: people who love sipping on a hot cup of tea. Although you can never go wrong with getting them some new tea, it’s a little basic, quite honestly. 

However, if you want to go the extra mile and get the tea-lovers in your life something truly special, then you need to check out all the tea gifts that Sips By has to offer. In addition to tea, they also have so many different tea-related items – such as mugs, tea gift sets, and infusers – that are perfect for holiday gifting. If any of your loved ones are big fans of tea, then you’ll find everything you need and more at the Sips By online shop. 

Run, Don’t Walk, to Gift a Pair of Embroidered Canvas Shoes 

Who doesn’t love opening up a new pair of shoes? Whether you buy a pair for yourself or receive a pair as a gift, we haven’t met a single person who doesn’t smile when getting some new kicks. Instead of gifting a plain pair of shoes this holiday season, get them something that stands out from the crowd. In all our searching, we haven’t found any shoes that are more creative and stylish than BANGS canvas high tops

These shoes come in any color you could think of, and most of them also have unique embroidery on the side of the shoe. After browsing the BANGS online shop for a minute or two, you’ll come across embroidery with mountains, moths, sunflowers, and even a Loch Ness monster. Your loved one will be thrilled to open a gift that has embroidery that matches their personality. Plus, these shoes are unisex. We know what we’re getting for everyone on our list this holiday season. 


We hope this article gave you all the inspiration you needed to get some unique, creative gifts for your friends and family this year. There are so many thoughtful gift options out there, but if you want something truly unique, refer back to this article again and again. We’re happy to be of service for all your unique gift-giving needs! 

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