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How Proxy Reselling Through Rayobyte is a Perfect Side Hustle for 2023

These days, everyone is looking to earn a second stream of income. While many have turned to the gig economy, such as becoming an Uber or Lyft driver in their spare time, others have found success through a passive side hustle — sometimes even exceeding their primary income. One exciting new opportunity is reselling proxies from a trusted, ethical provider such as Rayobyte.

What are residential proxies?

Residential proxies are simply a type of proxy IP address. As the name suggests, these kinds of proxies are connected to physical residences, meaning they can be traced back to an Internet Service Provider (e.g. AT&T; Verizon). Web traffic is routed through an intermediary server — another individual’s device — before it reaches the destination website. As a result, the actual origin device’s IP address is never revealed to the destination website.

Proxy use has unfairly gotten a bad reputation because it tends to be used for illegal or fraudulent purposes, but there are plenty of genuine uses for proxies. For example, proxies can be helpful for those trying to conduct ad testing or keyword research. These activities are ethical, but can sometimes lead to an IP address being flagged as suspicious for bot usage. Using a proxy tied to a residential IP address can be a great way to prevent your IP address from being flagged.

Making residential proxies more ethical

Unfortunately, many residential proxy platforms tend not to be ethical. Several programs that offer residential proxies do so through a platform offering “free” proxies, only to find out that they agreed to have their own IP address used as a proxy in exchange for their access to the service. 

“Many proxy providers trick their customers into agreeing to use their IP address as a proxy by hiding this agreement deep in their terms of use,” explains Neil Emeigh, CEO of Rayobyte. “We don’t do that. Instead, we source our residential proxies from a pool of users who specifically opt-in to our service.”

Rayobyte’s proxies are ethical because the company is clear about what data and usage rights users share when they share their IP address as a proxy. Other proxy services don’t clearly explain what users are permitting — some don’t even let users know at all — but resellers can rest assured that any proxy they purchase from Rayobyte is wholly ethical.

Rayobyte also ensures that users are compensated fairly for using their IP address as a proxy through Cash Raven. Every proxy Rayobyte offers is from a customer who signs up wanting to earn money from their IP address — not from someone who unwittingly signs up under the guise of another service.

Several security measures are in place to ensure customers cannot abuse the IP address being loaned to them. For one, Rayobyte ensures that a proxy is not being used when the user is already using the IP address. They also ensure that the proxy is not used when the associated device does not have at least 50% charge or is plugged in. In addition to preventing any inconvenience to the holder, this significantly reduces the chances of downtime.

On top of this, potential customers are vetted to ensure that their possible proxy uses are ethical. IP address owners can blacklist certain sites that can pose a danger to them and their data. “Our users trust us with their valuable IP address,” explains Neil. “We want them to have some control over how customers use their data.”

Reselling proxies as a side hustle

Rayobyte is an excellent source of ethical proxies for those who run businesses reselling proxies. “The initial setup of a new proxy reselling business can be difficult and is one of the biggest barriers to entry,” Neil says. “With Rayboyte, resellers can easily integrate their software with Rayobyte’s simple API to get their passive income growing as soon as possible.”

As part of its API, Rayobyte also offers proxy resellers plenty of options to customize their service for their customers. “Resellers can offer dedicated and shared private proxies with complete control through their user panel,” says Neil. “This allows resellers to tailor their services to the needs of their clientele.”

Reselling proxies has proven to be a lucrative way of earning passive income for many, but some have found themselves discouraged by the complicated nature of the process. Thankfully, with a platform such as Rayobyte, it no longer has to be complicated. Unprecedented management tools and 100% ethically-sourced proxies put proxy reselling within reach of more tech-savvy individuals than ever before.

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