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AeroFlexx: The Leader in Sustainability

A new law in California requires packagers for products to transition away from single-use plastics and towards compostable or recyclable options. To meet these objectives, many manufacturers seek more eco-friendly packaging solutions for their products. 

For liquid packaging, the clear solution is the new AeroFlexx Pak, a revolutionary package design that satisfies sustainability requirements in multiple ways.

“By adopting the AeroFlexx Pak, companies can accelerate progress toward their environmental, social, and governance goals,” said Andrew Meyer, CEO of AeroFlexx. “For organizations that have fallen behind their targets, our packaging also offers a quick and easy way to get back on track.”

The terms of the new legislation

Governor Gavin Newsom signed California Senate Bill 54 into law on June 30, 2022. According to the Hunter College New York City Food Policy Center, “The bill requires all packaging in California to be recyclable or compostable by 2032, cutting plastic packaging by 25 percent and requiring 65 percent of all single-use plastics to be recycled.”

The legislation moves the state off single-use plastic in phases. The first benchmark will come on January 1, 2028, when 30 percent of plastic packaging must be recyclable. That amount increases to 40 percent in 2030 and 65 percent in 2032.

These numbers constitute a substantial boost to the amount of plastic that will be recycled. As an article in National Geographic’s Resource Library notes, “only nine percent [of the plastic manufactured to date worldwide] has been recycled. The vast majority — 79 percent — is accumulating in landfills or sloughing off in the natural environment as litter.”

The California law gives manufacturers time to make the necessary adjustments to meet the new requirements.

“These regulations apply to any product sold in the state of California,” Meyer explained. “While that market alone is large enough to warrant compliance, other states are expected to follow suit and pass similar legislation in the coming years.”

The solution: the AeroFlexx Pak

The AeroFlexx Pak consumes 50 to 70 percent less plastic than traditional bottles for liquids. Other recycled materials can also be added to the packages, which are customized to specific manufacturers’ specifications. The packs themselves can be fully curbside-recyclable where all plastic bottles are accepted and have earned Interseroh’s “Made for Recycling” seal. But those aren’t the only ways the AeroFlexx Pak meets the new sustainability requirements.

Due to its novel technology, the AeroFlexx Pak ships flat while empty, which reduces the number of vehicles necessary to transport the same number of packages. It is also much lighter than conventional bottles, meaning it consumes less fuel to ship even when full. In addition, the AeroFlexx Pak doesn’t require extra packaging materials such as nonrecyclable packing peanuts or bubble wrap during transportation, as its durable material naturally resists the rigors of e-commerce and other supply chain verticals. 

According to the AeroFlexx website, the pack’s production process consumes 73 percent less water than traditional alternatives. The company also estimates that, if manufacturers shift 500 million product units to AeroFlexx Paks, it would save 119.9 million kilowatt-hours of energy and 13.1 million gallons of gas. Furthermore, CO2 emissions would be reduced by 51.4 million pounds, and landfills would be spared from 196.2 million pounds of waste.

According to Meyer, brands that demonstrate environmental responsibility also appeal to customers. “Consumers value sustainably sourced and manufactured products, so much so that these items enjoy 2.7 times faster growth,” Meyer said, citing the findings of a recent report from the New York University Stern Center for Sustainable Business.

More benefits of the AeroFlexx Pak

The AeroFlexx Pak, which can be customized to hold anywhere from 6 to 40 ounces, offers further advantages to manufacturers. Every inch of its surface can be covered with the brand’s artwork, rather than just a small label, and brands are already taking notice of this.

Consumers also appreciate how easy to open AeroFlexx Paks are. Simply tear the strip off at the top, and the package is ready to dispense; there’s no need to run to grab scissors or fight with a cap.

Another important feature is the AeroFlexx Pak’s self-sealing value. Whenever the package isn’t actively in use and being squeezed, it shuts itself. This means that, even a second after the customer used the product, nothing will come out of the pack if they knock it over or drop it. They could even purposefully hold the pack upside down, and everything will stay inside. Since the valve dispenses down to the accuracy of a single drop, no gross residue forms around the opening and the consumer gets exactly the right amount of product every time.

For manufacturers of liquid products, the AeroFlexx Pak presents the ideal package to meet new sustainability goals and growing government regulations.

“At AeroFlexx, we take a holistic approach to drive real results and make a meaningful impact,” Meyer said. “The AeroFlexx Pak enables manufacturers to succeed for the benefit of society and future generations.” 

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