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Ryan Dundun Has a Long History of Achievements

Currently there is a lot of talk around Ryan Dundun, and his achievements. We can see that he is certainly going to excel and become known much quicker than initially expected. Usually athletes such as this, would have quite the background in terms of their early sports career. 

Ryan Dundun went to Brookfield East for high school where he competed in many competitions for relay and track. He was determined and ambitious from a young age which therefore led to him achieving his goals and beating his personal best scores. Soccer was also a sport that he excelled in. Dundun is really a well rounded athlete who strives to do his best in every commitment he makes to teams , competitions and school clubs.

School Career Achievements

Let’s take a look at Ryan Dundun’s early sporting accomplishments that he has achieved  during his school career. All this for a school career proves that we have a very talented sportsman in our midst. 

LA Crosse Compétition for Brookfield East Team

Ryan competed in the La Crosse competition where 2 juniors and 2 seniors came home with  medals for achieving an outstanding score. At the WIAA State Track and Field Finals the Brookfield East 4×800 relay team took the gold medal in between the beautiful scenery and full bleachers at the Veterans Memorial Field at the University of Wisconsin – LA Crosse. 

The team managed to avert Waukesha South Team that only finished a half second behind. This was a proud victory for the Brookfield East team.

State competition against Kimberly

The Brookfield East team, The Spartans, went through to the semi finals for the second time in 3 years. The result against Kimberly on Thursday in the quarterfinals was 2-0. This was an amazing victory as last year, there was much to be celebrated! 

The Spartans lost in the quarterfinals.It was amazing to watch this team succeed and get through to the semi finals that year. The Spartans won 7 of their last 8 games after losing 4 times in a row. Perseverance is what got him to this semi-final, it was a super proud moment. 

Other Achievements

  • WIAA Track and field championship – earning all state honors while leading the 4×800 relay.
  • Competed in the 2013 Penn 4×800 relay.
  • WIAA division 1 Track and Field State Championships: Team won 3 years in a row from 2011 -2013.
  • Dundun was a member of the Spartans which helped them achieve the Greater Conference Team titles.
  • Ryan received all-conference honors in his sophomore , junior and senior seasons.
  • Received MVP honors in 2013 as captain of his school soccer team.

Ryan Dundun has been a leader and inspiration to many athletes through his achievements, dedication and with how hard he has worked to achieve his goals. He has excelled in his soccer tremendously, where his team looked up to him and followed his example. He was an outstanding captain, leader and inspiration to all. He is well respected by his teammates proving that he is a team player and would be an asset to any team. 

Motivating and supporting his team, he got them to the semi finals in the state competition. He was recognised for his outstanding performance in relay and received numerous awards for his victories. Ryan will be known for achieving high awards at such a young age and this will inspire high school students who have the same passion to follow in his footsteps. We are looking forward to seeing what is next on the cards for Ryan, and where we can follow his achievements as he sets the bar for the next generation of sportsmen. 

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