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Blockchain Gaming Pioneer ORE System Goes Back to Its Roots with ‘Fight For The Whitehouse’

Since launching in 2021, ORE System has quickly established itself as an indispensable resource for blockchain creators. Thousands of developers have turned to ORE for help with projects ranging from launching NFT marketplaces to establishing social media platforms. Regardless of the need, ORE’s blockchain experts are able to provide solutions that ensure projects achieve a successful launch.

ORE is an especially valuable resource for blockchain game developers. The expertise and tools that ORE provides allow developers to dramatically reduce the time, cost, and labor needed to integrate blockchain technology into gaming environments.

“ORE was launched by gamers for gamers with the vision of revolutionizing the gaming industry,” explains Nick Donarski, CTO and Co-founder of ORE. “We’re honored to have helped so many people in the gaming space and beyond utilize blockchain technology to take their projects to new heights.”

Moving into 2023, ORE is getting back to its roots by launching a new game conceived by Nick that features some very well known characters. “Fight For The White House” allows players to select an avatar from any number of political personalities — such as Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Nancy Pelosi — and use them to do battle against political rivals. Unlike real life, the battles are not fought on the debate stage or in the press. Rather, “Fight For The White House” has opponents face each other in the style of Mortal Kombat.

“We’ve always been gamers at heart,” Nick says, “and we love having fun. ‘Fight For The White House’ brings those two worlds together.”

ORE’s vision is for “Fight For The White House” to be the first game in its “Fight For” franchise. Future editions would see the avatar list expanded to include politicians from around the world and fighters from other industries, such as sports or entertainment. One match it has envisioned is Taylor Swift versus TicketMaster.

“The theme of this new game may not be serious, but the tools that we are using to bring it to life are,” says Nick. “It will be another example of how blockchain technology provides a solid, secure, and scalable platform for digital projects.”

ORE’s new gaming project should not be taken as a sign that it is shifting its focus from providing blockchain solutions for developers. It will continue to offer the suite of products for which it has come to be known, along with dedicated project management and engineering teams to assist with project development and launch. In addition, ORE will continue to develop enhancements that keep it on the bleeding edge of blockchain technology.

“As usual, we will offer tried, trusted, and tested tool sets that result in quality projects that are quick to get to market,” promises Nick. “Products that are powered by ORE tools can be deployed and live in 24 hours. That level of speed reduces expenditures and increases ROI.”

The Bubble Platform, which is a customizable whitelabel social media platform, is one example of the powerful tools ORE provides. The platform makes available all of the features that people expect from social media, including groups, profiles, chat, activity feeds and more, without the Big Tech AI and over-reach. In addition, the platform opens the door for blockchain components like NFTs and crypto to become part of the social experience.

ORE also offers hosted NFT marketplaces that take all of the code and complexity out of NFTs. The white label platform makes it possible to launch NFT projects or integrate NFTs into business strategies with zero coding. Fees collected on the platform can be paid with native blockchain tokens like Ethereum or with custom crypto tokens. 

“Technology can be difficult to develop and implement, especially in the world of blockchain,” says Nick. “ORE is here to simplify today’s bleeding edge technologies for real world applications. We want to help businesses unlock their potential and build experiences that will help them bond with their customers in new ways.”

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