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The All Around Entertainer That’s Growing, Glowing and Giving Back

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Andre Bellos is an up and coming Chicago celebrity in the acting industry that is utilizing his increasing following to make an impact on his community. Hailing from humble beginnings, he’s already amassed so much success that you wouldn’t even believe where he was 10 years ago. As an award winning actor and fashion maven, with his most recent acknowledgement being named a 2022 Fresh Faces Project Lifetime Achievement honoree, his portfolio in television, cinema and modeling speak for themselves! He’s also been recognized in TV segments as a subject matter expert or for his talent on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Wendy Williams, FOX, ABC, TMZ and The Nick Cannon Show.

Some of his career highlights include being a Hollywood red carpet regular, attending the MTV movie & TV awards, the People’s Choice Awards, the Billboard Music Awards, and the Oscars this past year alone. He has been seen in primetime shows such as Chicago Justice, Empire, Shameless, and Chicago Med. He has also worked on major motion pictures like The Dilemma, Chi-raq, and Captive State, just to name a few. 

With millions of fans applauding his every move, he doesn’t even look at himself as a “celebrity”. Rather as a “regular guy” living his dreams, but with over 100k followers on Instagram, 20k followers on tik-tok, 40k followers on Facebook, 17k followers on twitter, 4k followers on YouTube and millions of views, there is nothing regular about Andre Bellos. He has become so influential over the past year, it is nothing short of a phenomenon.  He has translated his influence into power and he has chosen to be a force of good. What seems like an overnight success, has been 12 years in the making.

Photographer- JR FOTO, 

Hair- Sarcastik, Spray tan- L.A Tan, Wardrobe – Fantasy costumes, Location- Disney hall

His portfolio in entertainment is quite impressive. However, the most impressive thing about this starlet is his drive to make a difference in the community through his volunteering and donations. His independent charity initiative called ‘Do The Right Thing’ involves him spending his free time and money traveling state-to-state, shedding light on different non-for-profit organizations. So far, his humanitarianism has spanned almost all 50 states. His reach is so strong that he has become a powerhouse influencer in our culture. Capable of not only inspiring but bringing about real world change. From feeding the homeless in Illinois, to attending award shows in Hollywood. This is the kind of stuff movies are made of, but this is real life for him. As we all stand back and watch history in the making, Andre Bellos goes about his daily routine. He doesn’t even believe there is anything special about what he is doing. Perhaps, because, interestingly enough, he’s doing what he’s always done. He happens to have garnered the attention of the world this time. We are all watching, he may not even know it.

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We were able to catch a brief interview with Andre to get a statement on the impeccable year that he’s had! This is his statement:

“ Walking the red carpet in Hollywood among so many A-listers truly made me feel famous. It was an honor. More importantly, my volunteer work, most recently at Connections For the Homeless in Evanston, IL, has allowed me to interact with so many human services workers and nonprofit employees who do it every day which has deeply inspired me to invest into my community impact. In addition to becoming a critically acclaimed actor, I want to establish myself as an international world renowned philanthropist and humanitarian one day.

Remaining grounded is not hard, it is a way of life for me. 

It’s just how I was raised, I’ve always been this way. From volunteering, to shopping at the thrift store is nothing new or weird to me. My mother instilled this attitude of gratitude in me a long time ago. She would tell me stories about actress Marlee Matlin, how she was deaf and beat the odds to make it in Hollywood. I thought, if she can do it, I can do it. These are my values at core. I am living proof anything is possible!”

If you want to check out my recent work, I am currently on season 3 of South Side streaming now on HBO max. I got to work with one of my idols on this, Chance the rapper. He is so funny on and off the screen, he is so natural. I hope I can be like him one day. You can catch me in episode 303 and in season 2 as well. I hope your readers support it! I had a great time on set. Thank you to the producers and creators of the show Bashir and Diallo for giving an unknown newbie like me a chance. If you’re looking for something funny to watch, TUNE IN! “

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