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Go Cloud Careers Architects Success For Its Students

It should not come as a surprise that cloud computing positions rank among the top paying technology jobs for 2023 and beyond. According to recent reports, more than 90 percent of organizations have turned to cloud-based resources for their business operations. With more and more businesses transitioning to remote and hybrid work models, cloud-based resources — and the professionals who design, deploy, and support them — will only become more important in years to come.

To secure a job as a cloud architect, many turn to cloud certifications, such as the Amazon Web Services Certified Solutions Architect certifications, as a way of communicating to hiring managers that they are a good candidate. Michael Gibbs, CEO of Go Cloud Careers, has a warning for those who place too much emphasis on certifications.

“Certifications can help someone to get an interview, but on their own, they will never get anybody hired,” Michael says. “Use certifications to build your brand, but don’t overdo it. To secure the job, you need to show the hiring manager that they can’t live without you. Certifications alone will never accomplish that.”

Giving cloud architects a competitive edge

Go Cloud Careers provides students with a unique approach to cloud architect training that Michael calls “certification plus.” In addition to training students in the technical competencies that are critical for cloud architecture work, Go Cloud provides the elite career guidance that allows students to stand out in the industry.

“The type of training that we provide would normally cost between $25,000 and $50,000 because it goes beyond teaching the critical technology skills for the cloud architect — these are skills that the average certification provides — we give students what they need to also become the type of business leader that organizations are eager to hire,” Michael says. “Yes, we teach cloud computing and architecture, but we also teach soft skills and business acumen. We teach CXO relevance. We teach people how to have executive presence and how to deliver presentations. We teach the student how to do an ROI model. We teach the student how to sell. We teach the student how to write, how to present, and, of course, how to negotiate.”

This “certification plus” approach that Michael pioneered in the cloud architecture space has been extremely successful for Go Cloud’s students. Virtually 100 percent of Go Cloud’s students who complete all program requirements secure six-figure jobs. Whether students are looking to start a career as a cloud architect or advance in a career that is already underway, Go Cloud gives them the tools that they need to succeed.

For those looking simply for a cloud architect certification, Go Cloud can help with that, as well. Michael has authored two exam guides designed to guide students to success on the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam and the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam. Both of these exam guides are available for free on the Go Cloud Careers website.

Helping heroes secure cloud architect jobs

Michael’s deep affinity and admiration for those who have served in the military led him to develop a training program specifically designed to train veterans for careers as cloud architects. Launched in 2022, the Helping Our Heroes Get Hired program builds upon skills military personnel learn during their service to prepare them for a successful technology career.

“We took the key components of the programs that are getting our graduates hired every day and optimized them for those who have been a part of the military community,” Michael explains. “I believe that everyone who leaves the military should have a wonderful six-figure job waiting for them. That’s why we created this program.”

Sharing a lifetime of cloud expertise

The Go Cloud Program excels in large part due to the decades of experience that Michael brings to technology training. Michael discovered he loved helping others succeed in tech jobs while he was several years into a successful career in the technology industry himself. After providing career coaching as a hobby for a decade, he launched Go Cloud Careers to be able to provide training and coaching to more students.

“Other cloud training programs offer students a 20-or-so-hour program, while our program is approximately 500 hours,” Michael explains. “All of the other training courses focus on helping people get certified. We help people get hired, we give them the tools necessary to do it, and we charge what the average cloud architect will make in a single day. We know that we give them the tools to excel in their careers.”

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