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Following His Dreams, the Founder of Rocco’s Jewelry, Rocco DiBenedetto, Has Built a Successful Business

Rocco DiBenedetto listened to the famous saying “follow your passion” when he started a business in jewelry and founded Rocco’s Jewelry. Rocco’s Jewelry is a jewelry business focused on custom jewelry designs for the hip-hop community. It is also popularly known for creating engagement rings and jewelry repairs.

Unlike many jewelers, Rocco DiBenedetto did not enter the industry because of pressure from his family. Everything he knows about the jewelry business, he learned on his own. His job in a jewelry store was the spark that set off this interest. Many people who bought from the shop he worked at were friends or family members. They usually bought something for a special occasion. Hearing them express their delight and satisfaction with their purchases solidified his decision to pursue a career in jewelry sales.

A great moment for him would be making a sale that would change someone’s life forever. Seeing other people happy made him happy. “Gold, in contrast to most other metals, does not rust or corrode. If you want the hardest material, look no further than the diamond. They stand the test of time. For this reason, they rank high among the most thoughtful presents one could give,” said Rocco.

The goal of establishing Rocco’s Jewelry is to leave a legacy for future generations. Rocco was eager to put in some time at the office, but only if what he was doing excited him. Simply put, he wanted to do something that would leave a mark on people. In his words, “if I’m going to bust my ass, it’s going to be for something that I can hopefully be remembered for,” he said.

Rocco’s early, unguided start in business was hard, but he kept going even though the odds were against him. He flourished due to everything he went through, good and bad. This past August’s robbery was the most challenging situation he’s dealt with since starting Rocco’s Jewelry. Rocco lost goods that couldn’t be replaced, and workers who were scared by what happened left the company. 

“Many people advised me to move or leave,” Rocco said. When you work in this industry, you run the risk of being robbed or even killed regularly. “But this is what I do for a living. I had the idea for this business and built it from the ground up. I refuse to be evicted from my home,” he said further. Speaking from experience, Rocco says this is how it usually goes. Due to the unfortunate event, Rocco has tightened security at his store and among his employees.

Rocco’s Jewelry is an example of transparency and honesty in an industry full of shady jewelers. Rocco and his team work hard to get a fair price without lowering the quality of the goods. They separate themselves from the competition by giving special attention to each and every one of their clients. One of Rocco’s long-term goals for the company is to make it easier for international buyers to shop online. Plus, he’s currently working on several high-profile design projects and collaborations with famous people.

Suppose you’re thinking about starting a business. In that case, Rocco DiBenedetto’s advice is to learn as much as possible about it, whether it’s in the jewelry industry or somewhere else. Know your limitations before you jump in.

The Instagram handle for Rocco’s Jewelry is @roccosjewelry. Get to know them and shop for stunning and well-made jewelry in their shop.

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