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Yoel Israel’s Road to B2B Marketing Domination

Every leader knows that nailing the perfect B2B marketing strategy requires guts, creativity, and innovation. From planning the right tactics to having a sharp focus to hit your target audiences, the road to lead generation and conversion is a constantly evolving slope that takes continuous navigation. Resting on one’s laurels is a great gamble as trends emerge by the minute. It’s a sink-or-swim ecosystem that needs one’s full attention to catch up with the riptide. For Yoel Israel, Founder and CEO of WadiDigital and Cyfluencer, marketing is more than just about knowledge and skills – it demands passion, determination, and commitment.

Yoel is not a stranger in the B2B marketing scene. The road to his success kick-started 11 years ago when he was doing organic social media marketing in Philadelphia. Right off the bat, he knew he could combine his passion for finance and love for marketing and become a part of the next big thing in the digital arena by targeting, ad messaging, bidding, and strategizing. As soon as he tested the waters, he realized that it was a great fit for a long-haul career.

LinkedIn and Quora Ads Pioneer

Under Yoel’s belt is his pioneering expertise in the adoption of LinkedIn and Quora ads. Not only did it serve as the igniter of an eventful career in digital marketing, but it also opened doors that created a significant buzz around his name as a LinkedIn marketing and ads expert. 

His passion for LinkedIn started in 2006 when it was still a platform for resumes and CVs, pre- social media titan for all things B2B. He was one of the first advertisers on the platform which contributed to the abundant opportunities for him to help companies grow, build strong brands, and provide value without asking for anything in return. 

For Yoel, the key to a successful career in B2B marketing is not just possessing technical skills – it’s about the desire to help others. The drive to lend a hand and be a part of the journey of companies skyrocketing to success is just as important as having an entrepreneurial mind.

The Rise of WadiDigital

Founded in March 2016, WadiDigital is a LinkedIn-first, digital agency with a focus on B2B tech and cybersecurity startups and enterprises. As a forward-thinking leader, Yoel utilizes the latest online marketing techniques, software, and trends to enable its clients’ businesses to succeed and grow.

WadiDigital has a vast range of global clients from San Francisco to Sydney. They serve start-ups, mid-sized businesses, and enterprises. As of today, the company has managed a portfolio of clients with paid media spend of over $1M per month; provided full client service (pitch, analysis, strategy, consultation, management, analytics, monthly reporting, regular calls, and conversion rate optimization), and generated leads, revenue and profits within 3 months of taking over an active account or creation of a new account. 

Cyfluencer and Beyond

In September 2019, Yoel founded Cyfluencer, the only influencer and distribution platform for cybersecurity professionals by cybersecurity professionals. It started when three cybersecurity clients asked for influencer marketing within six months. While he relentlessly scoured for existing solutions, he found out that there is none. But as a B2B marketing aficionado, he was able to draw on his industry knowledge and experience to hire a team of tech-driven influencers to build a state-of-the-art solution. 

Yoel and his team understood that the existing Influencer marketing model is broken with glaring gaps wide open. Cyfluencer leverages demand generation, influencer marketing, and content distribution at scale to help cybersecurity vendors and professionals to share quality content, ideas, and insights. 

Three years after its inception, Cyfluencer is now one of the key players in helping cybersecurity companies to get their content shared by leading cybersecurity influencers. 

Marketing as a Cultural Reflection

Yoel’s success is attributed largely to his keen observation of cultural evolution and consumer behavior. He believes that running the extra mile and going beyond creativity and edginess is paramount for unique and progressive marketing methods. “Marketing is a reflection of the culture,” he said in a recent interview with Authority Magazine. He explains that building a brand is an amalgamation of business, politics, and culture; hence, it’s critical to think outside of the box in being steps ahead of knowing what people are looking for. 

Furthermore, learning about culture is an integral determiner of both pain points and purpose points. From altering a message, and adjusting a design, to overhauling an entire ad copy, cultural knowledge is crucial in determining how to penetrate the psyche of a specific demographic.

Today, Yoel is one of the most honored and sought-after B2B marketers in the tech scene. His domination continues as his two companies continuously revolutionize traditional marketing models with cutting-edge, people-centric, and culturally driven solutions.

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