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By: Jona Yana

Visual artist extraordinaire YellaCatt is not only a gifted songwriter, but her creativity has also graced many stages, making YellaCatt an icon renowned for her vibrant energy. Her latest project has made quite the splash with the release of her new single, “The Show.”

This track’s music video and audio version premiered on November 3rd to much buzz and anticipation worldwide. The song itself fuses edgy, poetic lyrics with a melody that instantly takes listeners away to an alternate plane. It’s filled with insight and wisdom that encourages others to break free from expectations set by society while still celebrating one’s journey.

YellaCatt’s unique style has brought her a great deal of attention over the years as audiences are captivated by her artistry. In addition to releasing singles, she’s also worked on collaborations with other artists who share similar sentiments to hers when creating music that speaks volumes about life experiences.

Offstage, YellaCatt continues to make strides within creative communities by advocating for more acceptance and inclusivity when it comes to artistry. Her colorful spirit brightens up any room she enters and brings joy wherever she goes – making her a true visionary in every sense of the word. With each new release or collaboration, YellaCatt continues bringing something special and worth noting into our lives – making her one artist you won’t miss out on following!

For years, the eclectic music sensation’s remarkable and inspired musical talent has taken listeners on an immersive sonic journey from the moment their speakers play her music. She is a master of crafting the perfect ambiance, and her infectious sound has been known to evoke an array of emotions from her fans. “I take no shit. I am running the show,” YellaCatt shares with LA Tribune. Her vibrant energy and lyrical messages remind us to take control of our destiny, be unafraid to express ourselves, and strive for a better future. Beyond creating songs that speak to the soul, she also creates captivating visuals that bring her music to life. 

YellaCatt and her producing partner Sequoia Emmanuelle have teamed up to create an emotion-stirring music video for “The Show.” The piece reflects our bizarre and chaotic times, full of cheeky and playful lyrics that flit between strength and vulnerability. The audience is taken on a journey as the pre-chorus demands her suitors toe the line before the chorus reveals more about YellaCatt’s past and present.

The raw but poignant lyrics delve into love, heartbreak, resilience, and self-worth, creating a multilayered story that resonates with listeners. “The Show” transports us back to our most spontaneous moments through its evocative visuals, vibrant colors, captivating choreography, and dynamic soundscape. It’s a celebration of life, artistry, and hope that will make an unforgettable impact on all who experience it.

What sets “The Show” apart from other musical works is its innovative use of symbolism to convey messages without words. By incorporating shadows, silhouettes, and reflections into its design elements, the production creates an absorbing experience that feels like an escape from reality for its viewers and listeners. 

YellaCatt shares, when asked what the song was about, “This song for me is post-breakup, having gone through the pain and waking up on the other side. I reclaimed myself, reclaimed my power.” She adds, “It took it all to the next level in this song because of what I went through. It is like me coming out on the other side. It’s kind of sexy, flirty, and playful, and then the pre-chorus is like, ‘Get it in line!’ Like, if you want me, you must show up. And then the chorus is like, this is what I’ve been through, and I’m letting it go. Yes, I’ve been enslaved. But I’m also a queen. We’ve all lived so many lives. And to move forward, you can’t live through that pain – you have to release it.”

YellaCatt is a modern-day musical goddess whose artistry and talent can only be compared to an offspring born from the legendary collaboration between Venus and David Bowie or Blondie. Drawing from rock and punk influences, her music takes listeners on an unforgettable journey fueled by passion and energy. 

A musician with a unique drive and ambition, YellaCatt has made waves not just for her captivating sound but also for her dedication to crafting emotionally provocative lyrics that invite listeners to explore themes such as love, loss, heartache, and struggle. She’s also renowned for pushing boundaries in songwriting through her use of creative metaphors and imagery.

No matter what project YellaCatt embarks upon next, fans worldwide know they can expect daringly honest music yet always passionate. With each track she creates, she further solidifies her rightful place on top of the throne as one of today’s greatest music goddesses.

“The Show” by the multi-talented artist combines different musical styles, showcasing her remarkable skills as a producer and performer. Her creative finesse has created a unique blend of elements drawn from her feminine perspective, mysticism, fashion, art, and the universe. “The Show” marks the 11th song released from the artist’s collection and the fourth self-produced music video.

“The Show” is an uplifting reminder to stay resilient in difficult times while tapping into feelings of hope and joy that can come from within and beyond us. It is also a testament to this artist’s immense talent for creating something unique with each new release – ensuring no two songs or videos ever sound or look quite alike!

“The Show” is available for streaming on all major music platforms.

For more details on YellaCatt, visit her website at

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