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“The Funding King” Andrew Imbesi Is Helping Business Owners Upsurge Capital 

Sourcing and securing sufficient capital to fund your business is one of the most limiting factors for millions of aspiring entrepreneurs across the world. Starting your own business is tough if you don’t have the resources needed to kick-start it. Fortunately, you can increase your revenue streams and capital for your business in a more promising and rewarding approach with 0% Interest Funding.

Andrew Imbesi is a successful investor, entrepreneur, and high-ticket marketing expert helping everyday people gain access to 0% Interest Business Credit Funding. He is the founder and CEO of BogeGroup LLC, a top funding consulting company assisting entrepreneurs in increasing revenue and capital for their businesses. Imbesi is also known as “The Funding King” and uses his brand to utilize credit research tools to help his clients obtain 0% Interest Funding, leading to increased revenue and sales for their businesses.

Imbesi helps entrepreneurs access $50K–150K+ of this free money with no interest in less than 30 days. With this money, you can fund your businesses and other investments to generate guaranteed earnings that can quickly make them $10K–40K+ in passive income in a matter of a few months or less.

Imbesi recalls his early entrepreneurial days when he struggled to raise sufficient capital to fund his business ideas and opportunities. Luckily, he eventually learned how to access the 0% Interest Funding that got him started. Over the last two years, Imbesi has continually expanded his knowledge and skills in sales, funding, marketing, and consulting. This includes creating and expanding his network of entrepreneurs who have been truly successful in businesses and investments of all kinds, such as real estate, trading, e-commerce, YouTube channel automation, and buying and selling businesses.

Today, Imbesi is passionate about helping people access plentiful amounts of funding that could gain them access to business opportunities and investments. In 2022, Imbesi has helped over 200 everyday people obtain $50K–150K+ of 0% interest funding and inject that money into opportunities that give them the potential to make $10K–40K+ per month in passive income in less than 30 days. All of this happened through working 1-on-1 with each individual client. The objective is to help more entrepreneurs implement this strategy so that they can inject more capital into the opportunities they wish to pursue.

According to Imbesi, 0% Interest funding is the fastest way to get ahead and achieve the life you’ve dreamed of for yourself. With access to capital, you’ll be able to do and take advantage of way more while having the confidence to use that capital for the right opportunities.

Imbesi’s goal is to build a funding program and make firm partnerships with top experts in every business and investment niche, such as e-commerce, real estate, trading, etc. This includes plans to create more partnerships with relationship managers at banks and financial institutions. This network is important to support his cause of helping entrepreneurs access more money than they can get on their own. Imbesi also wants to save people the time and money wasted in making all these financial and investment connections, as he has already built a strong foundation.

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